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A taste of summer in winter as strawberries ripen

STRAWBERRY picking season is here again and the winter strawberries in Jiading are ready now. Here’s where you can pick the cream of the crop in Jiading.


Malu Grape Theme Park

The variety of strawberries ready for picking in the park is called Rosie. Organic fertilizers are used and the fruit is naturally pollinated by bees.

Address: Malu Grape Theme Park, 99 Dazhi Rd, Malu Town

How to get there:

1) Take Metro Line 11 to Malu Station, then the Malu No. 1 bus to Dayu Village.

2) Drive off the S5 (Hujia) Expressway at Malu, then turn right at Bao’an Highway, turn left at Liuxiang Highway, turn right at Dazhi Road for 1,200 meters.

Nongdeng Strawberry

Address: Strawberry picking base, Dengta Village, Jiading Industrial Zone

Tel: 59969617 ext 0

Hongtai Garden

Address: 3425 Liuxiang Highway

Tel: 5915-3218, 5915-3228 (for reservation)

 Huating Family

Address: 518 Shuangzhu Highway, Huating Town

Tel: 5997-5427, 5997-0515 (for reservation)

How to get there:

1) Take Bus 839, or by Metro line 11 to Jiading North tation and take Bus Jiahua Line to Huating Family

2) Drive from the S5 (Hujia) Expressway to Jiahang Highway, then to Shuangzhu Highway to Huating Family


Tips before you go


Wear clothes which are easy to take off and put on. The temperature in greenhouses will be

higher than outside and you could sweat a lot. Don’t wear high heels but do bring shoe covers.

Wear trousers that make it easy to bend and kneel down.

Picking up:

Pick purple ones for freshness and juiciness if you consume on the day. Pick red and white ones for a longer preservation period. Don’t squeeze when you pick. Remember to pick the fruit gently.


It is generally safe to eat strawberries directly from plants but it is advised you wash them fi rst. You can bring some bottled water to rinse them if no washing facilities are provided.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164