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Lots of tech to enhance kids' lives
By Zhu shenshen

When did you get your first phone? Maybe when you were 20 years old or even beyond? Most teens get their first smartphone at about the age of 12 or even earlier today, according to research reports. Teens therefore are familiar with the latest technologies and apps and are likely to keep abreast of the latest technologies. Therefore, tech gadgets are nice choices for them for the New Year.

Letv for storytelling to kids


Worried about your child’s addiction to smartphones or tablets? Maybe Letv’s Lexiaobao can help parents re-establish connections with their children. Featuring various communications functions, it allows parents to talk with children while at the office or during business trips. With a projector feature and Letv’s content database, parents can tell stories or choose video clips for children remotely.

Letv has a database of 2.4 million minutes of stories and video contents specifically for children, including contents offered by Disney and Viacom. It also supports eye-friendly video playing technology to protect children.

Price: 499 yuan (US$82), 96 yuan annually for upgraded story and video contents

360 smartwatch tracks kids


Each kid deserves a 360 Kid Guard smartwatch for more protection and care. It’s a GPSequipped bracelet-smartwatch combo that connects parents’ smart watches to allow them to keep track of their kids. Whenever the app is launched, it shows where your children are, and even shows the path of their recent movements. It also records pace numbers for kids and offers recommended figures.

 Price: 199 yuan plus 90 yuan telecommunications fee each year

PlayStation 4 for game fans


Every child dreams of a new PlayStation 4 in New Year Eve. After more than a decade-long ban from regulators, Sony is allowed to start selling PlayStation 4 in the Chinese mainland in January, with pre-ordering already under way. The Chinese machine will feature a free kung fu game. More domestic and overseas game titles are also available.

Price: Starting from 2,899 yuan

Apple iPad Mini 3 for education


An iPad is still a perfect gift choice for every kid, thanks to design and a rich choice of 675,000 apps. The latest iPad Mini 3 features fingerprint recognition Touch ID function, enhanced screen and Internet speed and support for all Chinese 4G standards in all cellular models.

Price: 2,888 yuan

Sennheiser Urbanite headsets


Various colors and designs of Urbanite headsets meet demands of teenagers: high quality sound and fashion.It has classic Sennheiser sound quality, featuringmassive bass, smooth midrange and extended treble. It’s designed for music fans walking outside and boasts stainless steel hinges, aluminum sliders for reliability and durability and ability to stay connected through music and calls. For frequent travelers, it offers a soft pouch for compact foldable design, which makes it easy to collapse and store.

Price: starting from 1,299 yuan

Kindle Voyage for readers


It’s the latest Kindle e-reader — and probably the best one. It’s designed for serious readers with high-resolution display, which makes reading more like printed pages. A new PagePress technology enables you to turn the page without lifting a finger, and new adaptive front light allows for reading both day and night. Amazon China also provides a package of Kindle Voyage including a device, a leather case and 100-yuan coupon for e-books.

 Price: 1,999 yuan

Hello Kitty Instanx camera


The Hello Kitty design makes the latest Fujifilm’s Instanx camera a nice gift choice for girls. It allows them to record the most beautiful moments. On tech spots, it also features shelf short mirror for self portraits, intelligent flash and a three-position lens.

 Price: 899 yuan

Oppo O-Band fi tness band

7 oppo band副本.png

O-Band wristband serves as a pedometer and can monitor your sleep patterns. It also works as an alarm clock and phone locator. The highlight of the band is the feature for remote control shooting pictures, which supports only Oppo phones at the present time.

Price: 719 yuan

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