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Where to buy electronic goods?
By Yoyo.He

New year, new start! With the holiday season and Spring Festival approaching, many people use the time to set in place new electric appliances they may have been eyeing through the year. With the gift-giving season on the horizon, consider adding convenience or fun that smart appliances can bring to life. When it comes to purchasing home appliances or other electronic items in Shanghai, here are some of the key things you need to know before splashing cash: Always visit price-comparison sites and read reviews of all major products so you can get the best value. Here is a detailed buyers’ guide.

Electronics markets

Electronics markets offer a great variety of digital products and have gradually developed into bargain centers. Renowned for their bulk supplies of cell phones, cameras, digital products and accessories, downtown electronics markets are often visited by locals.

1. Kerry Everbright City Mall (best for cell phones)

It is a big electronics market where wholesalers distribute digital products to sellers in small stalls. Near Shanghai Railway Station, the mall is a “one-stop” cell phone and digital products procurement center.


2. Qiujiang Road Electronics Market (best for second-hand products)

It’s open from 9am to 5pm daily, and is always crowded and chock full of private electronic appliance sellers. Visitors, especially if they are good at haggling, can also get a lot for their money at this second-hand products market.


3. Xingguang Camera Market (best for cameras)

Whether you’re a novice photographer or a pro, this six-floor camera market is the place to meet all your needs. It has a vast array of cameras, lenses and accessories for people who want to upgrade their gear.


Home appliance chain stores

After several years of development, home appliance retail chain stores in the city have become the major channel for locals buying household appliances. Specialized home appliance chain stores such as Gome and Suning boast the most complete variety of electric appliances at reasonable prices. Specialized home appliance chain stores account for an estimated 70 percent of the home appliance retail market in large and medium-sized cities.

1. Gome

It is one of China’s largest appliance retailers, with more than 50 stores in Shanghai.


2. Suning Appliance

Headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, it has more than 80 stores in Shanghai.


3. Yolo Electric Appliance

Founded in 1996, it is among China’s 10 biggest appliance retailers and enjoys a good reputation for providing professional and customized services.


Shopping malls

Shopping malls such as Metro City and City Plaza in downtown sell primarily foreign brand electronic appliances plus a few of the best-known local brands. Various small home appliances are also sold here. Though sales volume is smaller than specialized household appliance stores, the convenient location and “one-stop shopping” concepts of shopping complexes give them one edge over specialized home appliance chain stores.

1. Metro City (best for digital products)

It is a well-known shopping mall in the Xujiahui area. Part of its second floor is occupied by booths selling computers, cameras, mobile phones, video-game consoles, and other digital products.


2. City Plaza (best for high-end products)

It has a floor space of 17,000 square meters and features more than 500 brands. A great variety of electronics products can be found on the fifth and seventh floors of the mall.


Online Shopping

More and more people browse through popular electronic appliance e-commerce stores to find what they are looking for. The vast majority of online stores offer prices much cheaper than what you will find at a physical store. What’s more, most electronics e-commerce platforms provide unconditional return policies.


1. JD.com (English site)

As the largest online direct sales company, it offers a wide selection of authentic electronic products at competitive prices. Products will be delivered in a speedy and reliable manner. The shopping website’s English version is available now.

Website: en.jd.com

Tel: 400-606-5500

2. Gome and Suning online

Almost all of the leading home appliance chain stores have built e-commerce platforms. At present, both Gome and Suning have their own official shopping websites to sell their products. Both promise online buyers unconditional returns within seven days. Their platforms are Chinese only.

Website: www.gome.com.cn; www.suning.com

3. Tmall

More and more electronic brands have opted to set up their own e-tail stores on Tmall. Just type the brand name at the search bar and enjoy the convenience of online shopping. The site also is only in Chinese.


If you are an English users and want to purchase online with these Chinese version e-commerce platforms, please click HERE online to get a guide for shopping on Taobao and other online retailers.

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