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Getting away from it all for a quiet walk in city
By Pan Zheng

SOMETIMES we just want to take a break from the fast-paced life of the big city. It can be hard to find peace and quiet in a metropolis the size of Shanghai, as we are busy shuttling around the concrete jungle.

But there is beauty hidden within the city, with plenty of good places to slow down and take a walk. Here are some walking routes in Shanghai for those who want to explore the beauty of the city. As the Spring Festival approaches, it’s time to slow down and relax. We will feature three routes today, and other enchanting routes in the next three weeks.

Former French concession area

In 1914, when the former French concession was established, expats flooded into the area and built garden-style houses.

In the area of the former French concession, roads are narrow so that people can cross easily. Plane trees line many of the roads, creating a beautiful canopy and providing shade on the sidewalks and roads.


Distance: 7 kilometers

Route: Xujiahui Metro Station — Hengshan Rd — Yuqing Rd — Wukang Rd — Wuyuan Rd — Changshu Rd — Yanqing Rd —Xinle Rd — Shaanxi Rd S. — Fuxing Rd M. — Baoqing Rd — Hengshan Rd — Xujiahui Park


Villas in Hongqiao area

In the 1930s the region around Hongqiao Road was still rural, covered with farms and trees. Due to its beautiful scenery, solitude and fresh air, rich people started to build vacation villas there.

Now when you take a walk in the area, you can see many of these villas, some in Chinese style, others in Western. You can also visit the famous creative park Red Town. Though surrounded by skyscrapers, it will remind you of the old times as it still retains something of a rural feel.


Distance: 9.5 kilometers

Route: Hongqiao Rd Metro Station — Hongqiao Rd — Huaihai Rd W. — Red Town — Huaihai Rd W. — Hongqiao Rd — Yinbin No. 3 Rd — Konggang No. 1 Rd — Hongqiao International Airport No. 1 Terminal Metro Stattion


Longhua area

The Longhua area is sometimes referred to as the antique of Shanghai, as it is more than 1,700 years old. Located in southwest Shanghai, Longhua used to be a famous ancient town with Longhua Temple and Longhua Pagoda — the cultural highlights of the area.

Compared to many other locations across the city, Longhua, which lies on a bank of the Huangpu River, is always quiet. You can also visit the Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs, a vast green space that pays reverence to those who sacrificed for the people.


Distance: 4 kilometers

Route: Chuanchang Rd — Longhua Rd — Longhua Rd W. — Fenggu Rd — Longteng Ave — Dong’an Rd — Chuanchang Rd


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