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Central city walking routes bring lots of rewards
By Pan Zheng

We recently brought you three recommended walking routes, all located in the western part of the city. Now we move our steps a little bit toward the central area, where there are more beautiful scenes and historic stories to be discovered.

The three routes we recommend this time are all famous not only for their history but also for their Western-style buildings. Put on some comfortable shoes and follow us.

Xinhua Road

Xinhua Road is considered Shanghai’s No. 1 garden road, as there are 101 garden villas there. The villas have different styles, including British, French and traditional Chinese with carved beams and painted pillars.


Distance: 5 kilometers

Route: Yan’an Road W. Metro Station — Xinhua Rd — Huaihai Rd M. — Huashan Rd — Pingwu Rd — Panyu Rd — Yan’an Rd W. — Wuyi Rd — Kaixuan Rd — Yan’an Road W. Metro Station


Yuyuan Road

In the early 20th century, Yuyuan Road became a popular location for millionaires to build their garden villas, which look common from the outside but amazing if you’re inside.

As time has passed, Yuyuan Road has gradually regained its original quiet ambiance, only to leave the old houses along the street to tell their tales of the past.


Distance: 5.3 kilometers

Route: Zhongshan Park Metro Station — Yuyuan Rd — Jiangsu Rd — Changning Rd — Wanhangdu Rd — Yuyuan Rd — Jiangsu Road Metro Station


Nanjing Road W.

In 1854, British men built a race course on Nicheng Road (at today’s People’s Square). Later, they built a riding track from the race course to Jing’an Temple, the predecessor of today’s Nanjing Road W. In the early 1900s, Nanjing Road W. gradually changed its appearance as it became a paradise for foreigners. More and more hotels, shops and restaurants were opened along the road.

Today, the area around Nanjing Road W. has become the very central area of the city, and more and more skyscrapers rise up along the road. It can be great fun to walk along the road and find those old buildings hidden in the steel and concrete jungle.

Distance: 6.7 kilometers

Route: Nanjing Road W. Metro Station — Nanjing Rd W. — Jiangning Rd — Fengxian Rd — Shaanxi Rd N. — Beijing Rd W. — Yuyuan Rd E. — Changde Rd — Nanjing Rd W. — Shaanxi Rd N. — Weihai Rd — Maoming Rd N. — Wujiang Rd — Nanjing Road W. Metro Station


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