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'Amazing Race' is off and running

"THE Amazing Race: China Rush" is off and running for an all-new third season of 12 heart-stopping episodes across China, including Taiwan.

As with Season 2, Season 3 has a Chinese-language version and an English version, which has both Chinese and English subtitles. The English "China Rush" will be broadcast every Sunday at 8pm on ICS, starting on August 26.

The Chinese version will be broadcast every Saturday at 4pm on Dragon TV, starting September 1. Both versions will once again be hosted by Chinese-American TV personality Allan Wu.

After two successful seasons, ICS and Dragon TV teamed up once again to deliver China's official version of Disney's award-winning format.

Season 3 provides the same high-energy blend of travel, culture and dramatic challenges that the first two seasons offered. The third version adds an even more compelling lineup of locations and characters.

The race itinerary includes Taiwan, Jilin, Heilongjiang and Guizhou provinces, among many others. Teams will compete in extreme climates and terrain.

The third season features 11 highly competitive teams of two persons from across China and other countries, all racing for a trip around the world.

For example, one team of cousins from Liaoning Province are streetside barbecue vendors. They're the BBQ Boys who sang, danced and grilled in the second season of "China's Got Talent."

Foreign contestants come from Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Scotland, Sweden and the United States.

For more details, check www.chinarush.cn or weibo http://weibo.com/chinarush.

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