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New route seeks to reduce congestion on elevated road
By Natalie Ma

THERE major roads in Zhabei District will be linked to form an expressway in a bid to alleviate some of the pressure on the North-South Elevated Road.

The project involves Pushan Road, Wanrong Road and Sanquan Road, which are connected to each other and parallel to the elevated route.

The road construction authority plans to broaden the lanes and build tunnels to better connect the three roads.

They said they hope the new route will take some traffic away from the elevated highway as well as from the busy Gonghexin Road.

The 5.5-kilometer express route will start from the intersection of Pushan Road and Zhongshan Road N., and will end at the junction of Sanquan Road and Changzhong Road, according to the plan.

A tunnel will be built beneath Daning Lingshi Park, which splits Wanrong Road into two parts. Other tunnels will be built to avoid railway lines along the new route.

According to the plan, a section along Wanrong Road and Sanquan Road will have six lanes in both directions. The project is undergoing an environmental evaluation procedure.

A date has yet to be set, however, for its development.

According to an annual report issued by the transport authority, the North-South Elevated Road through Huangpu, Zhabei and Baoshan districts was congested for more than 240 days last year. The average speed of vehicles during peak periods was less than 10 kilometers per hour.

Gonghexin Road is also very busy as it provides a route into the downtown area.


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