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Technically, it’s still romantic
By Zhu Shenshen

VALENTINE’S Day is around the corner and with it the tricky task of getting your sweetheart a gift they actually want. Forget the usual romantic stuff. If you want to see your beloved smile with delight on February 14, think tech.

While iPhones, iPads and PlayStations are safe choices, they’re well ... a little dull. But fear not. Shanghai Daily has a list of great tech gifts and gizmos.

There are devices to help ensure your valentine stays healthy, including the Fitbit smart wristband and Baomi’s air purifier.

For security-conscious sweethearts there’s the OONE smartphone which protects business-sensitive files.

Meanwhile, if you plan to read romantic poetry, the Kindle Voyage offers the best experience among Kindles.

And if you’re prepared to risk the wrath of your loved one, there’s a Dyson cordless cleaner to make those cleaning routines just a little easier.

So to match up your sweetheart with the perfect gadget this Valentine’s Day, look no further. 

A. A phone for secrets


The OONE smartphone features an 8-mega-pixel camera with twin lighting sources and a 5-inch screen. It also boasts a black and white user interface guaranteed to be a hit with minimalist-inclined executives. But the wow factor is its security functions, including a built-in anti-virus tool and privacy protection programs. Sensitive documents can be put into relatively separate storage spaces to which other users are denied access.

Price: 5,160 yuan (US$825)

B. Game on!


Equipped with Intel’s latest processor, Nvidia’s GTX 770M graphic card and a full high-definition 17.2-inch screen, the ASUS G750 is designed with game fans in mind. It features a new gamer-centric interface — including a gaming center and dedicated quick-access macro keys.

Prices start from 17,000 yuan

C. Look good, sound good


SoundTrue headphones are among the most trendy-looking headphones in the Bose product line — light, with a fresh design and available in a range of colors. And as well as looking good, they deliver a deep and clear natural sound, just as you’d expect from Bose.

Price: 1,190 yuan


D. Sparkling sound


Monster are offering a pair of headphones shaped like a diamond and have the romantic name Diamond Tears that sounds perfect for Valentine’s Day (actually, perhaps not). Diamond Tears come in a range of colors including rose gold, black chrome and clear blue, and feature Pure Monster Sound technology.

Price: 2,999 yuan

E. Ready for a dust-up?


Thanks to a specially-designed head, the Dyson Fluffy can tackle everything from tiny PM2.5 pollutants through to stray rice grains. A range of tools can be attached in order to get to difficult nooks and crannies. However, while eminently practical, this might not be seen as the most romantic gift by your beloved.

Price: 5,690 yuan

F. Flex-ible approach


The Fitbit Flex smart wristband is a simple way to track your steps, sleep patterns and calories. It has Bluetooth syncing and Fitbit’s platform offers plenty ways to analyze your stats. The package sold on Taobao’s Tmall features a his and hers Flex set in black and pink.

Price: 848 yuan


G. Voyage of discovery


The latest Kindle Voyage e-reader comes with high-resolution display, which makes reading more like printed pages, PagePress technology lets you to turn the page without lifting a finger and there’s also a front light.

Price: 1,999 yuan

H. Breath of fresh air


An air purifier is a pretty handy thing to have in major Chinese cities. As well as being cheaper than overseas models, this Baomi purifier features a HEPA filter said to remove 99 percent of PMI 2.5, and supports Wi-Fi, allowing users to control it through a mobile app.

Price: 898 yuan

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