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Lunar New Year to get star treatment on television
By Xu Wei

SHANGHAI’S TV screens will light up with an array of shows and TV galas to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, which starts February 19.

At 8pm on the Lunar New Year’s Day, International Channel Shanghai (ICS) will present 2015 Year of the Sheep Spring Festival Gala — an international program that will integrate cultural elements from the East and West.

Hu Shasha, who became famous for the reality show “Sing a Song,” will interpret an ancient Peking Opera romance in modern jazz style. Yan Jiabao and Zhang Ji, who have been regular guests at the gala for the past three years, will perform a new multilingual cross talk.


There will also be Kunqu Opera performed with chiba, one of the oldest Chinese woodwind instruments.

Jiu Ji, who represented “China’s Got Talent” at Lincoln Center in the US, will demonstrate his conceptual performance art of movement piece.

Ma Xiaohui, a renowned traditional Chinese music artist, will play erhu and sing her graceful, international rendition of “Country Road.”

David Warner, champion of last year’s ICS “Host-Off” competition, will have a reunion dinner with his friends, while another group of “Host-Off” contestants will give a bilingual performance of the song “Love and Promise” to send their warm festive wishes to the audience.

The gala is also a charitable banquet, seeing ICS in cooperation with Crystal Globe and the Smiles Foundation. The show will also be broadcast on America’s Sinovision, EDI Media Inc, Crossings TV and Fairchild Media Group.

Meanwhile, on Dragon TV, there will be a 4.5-hour gala on the Chinese New Year’s Eve about various regional celebrations and folk customs.

The gala will feature a batch of stars from home and abroad. According to director Shi Jianxiang, the audience will be treated to a few crossover acts that display the little-known facets of the celebrities.

Michael Bolton, known for his soft-rock ballads, will perform his best-known songs with Chinese tenor Wei Song. Famous TV host Cui Yongyuan will cooperate with Chinese-American comedian Joe Wong on a talk show. Chinese comedy actress Cai Ming will perform romantic songs with Taiwanese singer Fei Yu-ching.

“Spring Festival is an occasion for family gatherings and fun,” says director Shi. “We want to present a heartwarming gala for people in China. The show will be staged from the perspective of ordinary people.”

From February 18-25 at 9:30pm, Art Channel will offer movie buffs a retrospective of the most successful movies and projects over the year.

On February 14-15 at 6:30pm, Haha TV will present popular kiddie program “Home Alone.” Children will spend New Year’s holiday at Shanghai Wildlife Zoo, feeding animals with their self-made snacks.


• Chinese New Year’s Eve Gala

Dragon TV, February 18, 7:30pm

• Comedy series shows

Entertainment Channel, February 18-24, 7pm

• Spring Festival Gala

ICS, February 19, 8pm

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