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Top 10 dating roads in Shanghai unveiled

The top 10 iDEAL Shanghai roads for people to meet their dates have been selected by an online vote just before the Valentine’s Day this Saturday. Check the list below to see if your favorite road is there:

No.1    Wukang Road

The 1,170-meter-long Wukang Road between Huashan Road and Huaihai Road is a tranquil side-street in Xuhui District, shady with plane trees and lined with French Concession-era houses and buildings in English, French, Mediterranean, baroque and Art Deco styles. It is like walking through an architectural museum.

No2.   Tianzifang

Tianzifang is a maze of narrow lanes full of gift shops, galleries, boutiques, cafés and bars. Originally a rundown residential quarters, the whole block was renovated in 1998 to become a creative and leisure hub for artists, art dealers and tourists. It teems with visitors and is very crowded at weekend.


No.3   Tian’ai Road

Dubbed the “Lovers’ Road,” Tian’ai Road lies in Hongkou District, 526 meters long and 13 meters wide. Unlike other streets, this road is devoid of shops and flanked by long walls, making it look mysterious. There is a stone monument in the road engraved with 28 famous love poems.


No.4    Daxue Road

Located in KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community), the 1,000-meter-long Daxue Road is lined with stores selling all kinds of gadgets and creative products. It is a nice street for people to walk and go window-shopping. There are cafes and restaurants as well.


No5.   Yuanmingyuan Road


Yuanmingyuan Road is steeped in history as it is next to the Bund where the British built their settlement back in the 1860s. The 462-meter-long road links Suzhou Road in the north and Beijing Road in the south. It is a short walk from the buildings of the former British Consulate, Shanghai Rowing Club, and the Union Church.


No.6    Dongping Road and Taojiang Road

Dongping Road and Taojiang Road are parallel streets between Hengshan Road and Urumqi Road with the American, British and French consulate compounds all in the vicinity. As they are off the main traffic routes, it is very obscure and quiet here and romantic for people to date. Some bars and restaurants there serve international fares.


No.7 Anfu Road

This small road in Xuhui District attracts music and drama lovers. Young white-collars like to come here after watching shows and talk with friends in a bar or café. Some people prefer to while away time in a café watching people passing by. Others like to share a light moment with friends in a bar at night. Anfu Road is for people who know how to enjoy life.


No.8   Duolun Road

Duolun Road is a small and quiet street with stores selling memorabilia of old Shanghai. Some of China’s best-known contemporary writers and educators used to live here, such as Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Guo Moruo and Ye Shentao. The road has witnessed the change of Shanghai.


No.9    Wending Road

Known as the “Painters’ Street,” Wending Road in Xuhui District used to have many stores selling paintings, art materials and equipment. It has retained its old features and some young artists still go there to sell their works to passers-by.


No.10  Sinan Road

Called Massenet Rue before 1940s, Sinan Road is considered an upper-class neighborhood where the rich and famous used to live, such as Sun Yat-sen, Zhou Enlai and Zhang Xueliang. Their former residences are now open as museums. Each of the Western-style garden houses has a story to tell.

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