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Here’s how you can get on your bike in Nanxiang
By Zhu Jing

Two rows of 30 new bicycles are parked at Metro Line 11’s Nanxiang station. The rental project has recently begun its trial operation.

The Nanxiang Town Public Bicycles Management Center, by the escalator at the No. 1 Exit, has attracted many riders already. Here’s how you can join them by renting a bicycle for your journey.


Apply for a bicycle rental card

1. Go to the Nanxiang Town Public Bicycle Management Center or designated card sales outlets to apply for a bicycle rental card with your ID card.

2. Read the service notes, guides and safe cycling rules of Public Bicycle Rental Service in Nanxiang Town, Jiading District carefully before filling out the application form and signing the bicycle rental contract.

3. Pay 200 yuan (US$32) as a deposit and 10 yuan for the cost of a rental card.

4. A minimum of 10 yuan is required to be deposited on the card in order to rent a bicycle.

5. For teenagers aged between 16 and 18, guardians are required to be present when applying for the service.

Hire and Return Bicycles


Put the rental card on the card reader to unlock a bicycle. Do not remove the card. Follow the voice prompt to take the bicycle. Note that the bicycle will be unlocked for 30 seconds only. The system will start charging after you take back the card.


Push the bicycle into the locked area and follow the voice prompt to swipe the bicycle rental card. Note that the card should stay in contact with the card reader for a few seconds until the system notifies that the bicycle has been returned. Take back the card and check on the self-service machine, which will show the fees deducted for renting the bicycle.

Renting a bicycle in Nanxiang

Service hours: 8:30am-7:30pm

Bicycle rental card sales outlet: Escalator at No.1 Exit, Nanxiang Station, Metro Line 11

Return spots: Nanxiang Station of Metro Line 11, Guyi Garden and Nanxiang Old Street

Tel: 6992-5889

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164