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World Extreme Games pump up the adrenaline
By Yoyo.He

Life in Shanghai can be pretty extreme on its own, when even crossing the street or getting on the Metro becomes a daredevil adventure. With the growing popularity of heart-racing extreme sports all over the city, you can enjoy the real excitement of pushing the boundaries on what it means to be human by experiencing sports that are both physically and mentally demanding.

The world’s most prestigious action sports competition, Kia World Extreme Games 2015 (KWEG) will return to Shanghai for the ninth time over five thrilling days from April 28 to May 3.

As one of the most action-packed sports competitions taking place in Shanghai, the Kia World Extreme Games is an annual must for fans of such sports. More than 200 top athletes from 25 countries and regions will compete in the games.

The event attracted more than 71,600 visitors last year and will be held at Jiangwan Sports Center in Yangpu District and the landmark Oriental Pearl Tower. Women’s vert skateboard athletes will be invited to participate in demonstrations at the Oriental Pearl Tower before main events.


Extreme sports mean…?

Generally speaking, extreme sports mostly refer to BMX (bicycle motocross) racing, skateboarding, inline skating and climbing.


It is a sport performed on BMX bikes, either in competitive BMX racing or freestyle BMX. There can also be on or off-road races.



It is a derivative of surfing. The first commercial skateboard dates back to 1959. Riding and performing tricks on a skateboard can be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation.


Inline skating

It is practiced and performed using inline skates designed for racing tracks, skate parks and urban areas.



It originated from mountaineering. It is done as a recreational activity or competitively.


Extreme Carnival

For the first time, KWEG will launch an Extreme Carnival under the iconic Oriental Pearl

Tower on March 21 and 22.

Specially designed for extreme sports fans, the Extreme Carnival includes free rock climbing and skateboarding.

KWEG provides a skateboard coach to teach participants how to do it and also ensure safety.

Tips for Climbing

 By Zhong Qixing, world climbing champion

Zhong Qixin.jpg

When you’re climbing, you’re defying not only the laws of gravity but also redefining your possibilities and overcoming your limitations. Climbing is all about movement in a different kind of terrain than what we find in our normal lives — the vertical world.

Look, think, then move

Climbing is not just physical, but also mental. Study the rock surface and the cliff face before you begin climbing. Look for handholds and footholds. Look for places to rest. Look for chalk marks that other climbers have used. Visualize your route and pick out the best and most efficient line to the anchors.

Don’t hug the rock

One of the basic mistakes beginners often make is to hug the rock. When you lean into the rock surface, it takes weight off your feet and makes you feel out of balance. Climbing is all about being in balance so keep your body perpendicular to the earth’s surface. Keep your hips centered over your feet for more stability.

Use the power of your legs

While upper-body strength is important, especially on vertical and overhanging routes, climbing is more about balance and finding equilibrium. To be a good climber requires using your legs and feet.

Use basic foot positions

Besides using your legs, you have to use your feet. Practice and use the three basic foot positions—toeing, edging and smearing. Toeing is exactly that—using the toe of your shoe to stand on a foothold. Edging is using the inner and outer edges of the shoe to stand on footholds. Smearing is placing as much of the foot and shoe rubber on the rock.

Where to try climbing in the city

Rock Dancing Climbing Gym

Rock Dancing Climbing Gym.jpg

TNF Climbing Center

TNF Climbing.jpg

Giant Rock Climbing Center

Giant Rock Climbing.jpg

Hengyi Rock ClimbingHengyi climbing.jpg

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