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Walking tours take in diverse Shanghai history
By Pan Zheng

Last time we brought you three walking routes in the central city, and this time we will move a little bit northeast to Hongkou and Yangpu districts.

Great Shanghai Project

The Great Shanghai Project was initiated in 1927 by the Kuomintang government, which was eager to take control of the city at a time when the central area of Shanghai was occupied by foreign concessions. The government built new developments in today’s Jiangwan area in Yangpu District, which became the political center of the city. Now it’s known as Wujiaochang, the commercial heart of Yangpu District.

Distance: 6.3 kilometers


Route: Nenjiang Road Metro Station — Nenjiang Rd — Hengren Rd — Shanghai University of Sport — Changhai Rd — Changhai Hospital — Heishan Rd — Tongji Middle School — Zhengli Rd — Jiangwan Stadium — Guoxiang Rd — Zhengtong Rd — Songhu Rd — Zhengmin Rd — Guoding Rd — Fudan University

Luxun Park and Tian’ai Road

A lot of literati and artists lived in this region in the 1930s, such as Lu Xun, Qu Qiubai and Guo Moruo. They represented the cultural development of Shanghai in modern times and left a lot of cultural relics.

Distance: 5.5 kilometers


Route: Hongkou Football Stadium Metro Station — Sichuan Rd N. — Tian’ai Rd — Sichuan Rd N. — Duolun Rd — Sichuan Rd N. — Changchun Rd — Liyang Rd — Changshan Rd — Shanyin Rd — Xiangde Rd — Ouyang Rd — Dalian Rd W. —Hongkou Park — Hongkou Football Stadium Metro Station

Jewish Refugees’ Ark

More than 20,000 Jewish refugees escaped from the Nazi terror in Europe to Shanghai in the 1930s and 40s. They settled in the Tilanqiao area of Hongkou District, the safe shelter provided by local residents. Although many Jews lived in poverty in the city, they still felt grateful for the help of warmhearted Chinese neighbors.

Distance: 5.3 kilometers


Route: Yangshupu Road Metro Station — Dalian Rd — Pingliang Rd — Lintong Rd — Yulin Rd — Dalian Rd — Huimin Rd — Yangshupu Rd — Huoshan Rd — Lintong Rd — Changyang Rd — Zhoushan Rd — Dongchangzhi Rd — Haimen Rd — Kunming Rd — Zhoushan Rd — Zhoujiazui Rd — Anguo Rd — Huoshan Rd — Baoding Rd — Kunming Rd — Dalian Rd — Dalian Road Metro Station

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