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Disconnect from urban life with a rural getaway
By Pan Zheng

MANY people living in cities enjoy unwinding by getting back to nature. A new style of tourism, known as nongjiale in Chinese, has sprung up in China and become popular.

Nongjiale translates as “fun in rural family.”


Such a trip includes a stay at a farm or small village. Accommodation is usually simple. Rural food and a natural environment are the two main features of nongjiale.

Shanghai Daily recommends several nongjiale options in the city’s suburbs. If you are interested in how Chinese farmers live, start planning a trip.

Taojiawan Leisure Farm


Taojiawan in Pujiang Town of Minhang District is about as remote as it gets in Shanghai and tourists can enjoy the unusual quietness, along with beautiful views of a Chinese garden.

The farm raises its own sheep. Its sliced lamb and lamb soup were awarded top 10 rural dishes in Shanghai.

Vegetables such as bamboo shoots and cabbages are grown on the farm. A huge peach orchard is nearby.

Tel: 3466-8878

Address: 2018 Yongnan Rd, Minhang District

Lianyi Loquat Garden


The garden in Qingpu District has more than 26 hectares of loquat trees. Visitors can pick fresh loquats in June.

The food here is widely considered among the best in rural Shanghai. River eels cooked with loquat honey and fried prawns from Dianshan Lake are its signature dishes.

Tel: 3927-0218

Address: 7166 Waiqingsong Rd, Qingpu District

Chongming Family


Chongming Island probably has the least disturbed natural environment in Shanghai and Chongming Family nongjiale is next to Dongping Forest Park, one of the island’s most famous tourist attractions.

With such an ideal location, Chongming Family is also known for its food — all the restaurant’s ingredients are produced by the farm itself. Chongming hairy crab and salted white broad beans with cucumbers are its two most famous dishes.

They have simple villas for those who want to stay overnight. Activities include fishing and barbecue. Guests can pick broad beans during the June harvest season.

Tel: 5933-9311

Address: 2179 Beiyan Rd, Chongming County

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164