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Cherry blossoms bloom all over town
By Yoyo He

With spring having arrived, it’s a great time to get outdoors and enjoy a variety of flower festivals around Shanghai. The magnificent pink cherry trees usually start blossoming in the middle of March. People have taken advantage of the opportunity to share heaps of photos on social media. This year’s Cherry Blossom Festival is taking place at eight parks, including Gucun Park and Century Park, until April 15. Most of these parks were crowded with tens of thousands of visitors last weekend. iDEALShanghai lists cherry tree viewing places in town, including eight that don’t get as much attention as the others. The best time to enjoy the flowers is late March until mid April.


Tips to enjoy an outing:

Tips to enjoy an outing:

• Visit lesser-known places

The large crowds may turn some people off so visiting the “hidden gems” can make for a more pleasant day. There are several great spots for cherry blossoms in Shanghai that iDEALShanghai has already picked out for you.

• Avoid the crowds during cherry blossom season

Most cherry blossom festivals in Shanghai are heavily attended annual events. Visiting popular places such as Gucun Park early in the morning or on weekdays will help you avoid the largest crowds. Swarms of people usually go on weekends and holidays. Plan ahead and make reservations or buy admission tickets in advance.

• Take public transportation

During the cherry blossom season, event organizers usually arrange shuttle buses from the nearest Metro stations. The parks have limited parking spaces.

• Be caution about pollen allergies

If you are allergic to pollen, it’s best to take some medicine before going to avoid sneezing and sniffling.


Jiao Tong University


There is a pretty big cherry tree garden near the campus’ Jingjing Theater and Guangming Stadium. The southern entrance and Hanze Lake are also good vantage points to see the blossoms.

Address: 800 Dongchuan Rd

Gaoqiao Sakura Garden


There are up to 2,500 cherry blossom trees in Gaoqiao Sakura Garden. Most of them will blossom in mid April.

Address: 300 Guangyao Rd

Gaohua Gas Station of Sinopec


This gas station probably is likely the most attractive one in the Pudong New Area during cherry blossom season. With cherry trees on either side of the station, cars owners can enjoy the natural scenery while filling up their gasoline tank.

Address: 3140 Pudong Rd N.


Gucun Park

The park now occupies about 180 hectares in Gucun Town of Baoshan District although eventually it will cover 400 hectares. Its biggest claim to fame is its blossoms. Cherry blossoms draw big crowds in spring, lotus flowers rule in the summer, osmanthus blooms take over in autumn and plum florets add color to the area in winter.

Address: 4788 Hutai Rd

Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park

Address: 2000 Jungong Rd

Yangpu Park

Address: 369 Shuangyang Rd

Luxun Park

Address: 2288 Sichuan Rd

Daning Lingshi Park

Address: 288 Guangzhong Rd W.

Zhongshan Park

Cherry trees have been growing in Zhongshan Park for nearly a century.

Address: 780 Changning Rd

Century Park

Address: 1001 Jinxiu Rd

Shanghai Botanical Garden

The country’s biggest botanical garden has the highest concentration of cherry trees in Shanghai.

Address: 1111 Longwu Rd

Huaxia Park

Address: 285 Huaxia Rd E.

Li’an Park

Address: 118 Xiuwen Rd

Minhang Sports Park

Address: 456 Xinzhen Rd

Chenshan Botanical Garden

Covering more than 33,000 square meters, it features cherry tree species from all over the world.

Address: 3888 Chenghua Rd

Shanghai Oriental Land

This place has 2,000 cherry blossom trees from Japan that were a gift to China.

Address: 6888 Huqingping Rd

Haiwan National Forest Park

Address: 1677 Suitanghe Rd

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