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Hot, wet weekend on cards
By Viola Ke

SHANGHAI recorded its highest early-April temperature for almost 70 years yesterday as the mercury soared to 31.7 degrees Celsius in Baoshan District.

“The last time we saw 30 degrees in early April was in 1946,” said Fu Yi, a chief service officer at the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

The city’s benchmark reading at the Xujiahui weather station was slightly lower at 29.5 degrees, while the lowest “high” was recorded in Jinshan District at a measly 25.5, the bureau said.


Despite the early heat, by late afternoon the sky had turned black, the thunder was crashing and the rain began to pour.

The wet weather is likely to remain through the weekend, so people heading to cemeteries for the Qingming Festival should keep their umbrellas close at hand.

Today’s high will be a comparatively chilly 17 degrees, though tomorrow will be hotter, with the mercury bouncing back to 27 degrees despite the showers.

Sunday will be similarly wet and warm, with a high of 23 degrees, before temperatures slide on Monday and Tuesday to about 13 or 14 degrees.


The fluctuating temperatures suggest that “meteorological summer” is still some way off.

According to weather bureau rules, the season does not start until the first of five consecutive days when the average temperature is 22 degrees or more.

That might not happen until early next month, it said.


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