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Be a lean, mean fighting machine
By Yoyo.He

Spring is right here and you know what that means? It’s time to shed the weight put on over the winter. No more procrastinating. Get that body moving and into shape before summer starts. For anyone who wants to build lean muscle and boost their metabolism, an expert fitness training schedule is necessary to help you slim down. 

iDEALShanghai asks personal trainer Leo Ding, who has 10 years of experience, on the secrets behind getting a hot body.


Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

“There is no way one can build lean muscles only by doing aerobic exercises,” says personal trainer Leo Ding. He says the best way is to combine aerobic exercises with anaerobic ones. “The most common mistake is thinking that one can get a sexy and fit body only by skipping rope at home or running every day, which are two typical aerobic exercises.”

Strictly speaking, the terms “aerobic” and “anaerobic” refer to the presence and absence of oxygen, respectively. If one’s goal is to only lose weight, aerobic exercises like stair climbing, walking, jogging and bicycling are ok. If one’s goal is to get a better shape in the long run, anaerobic exercises such as weight training and calisthenic exercises are necessary.

In short, although anaerobic exercise burns fewer calories than aerobic exercise and may be less beneficial for cardiovascular fitness, it’s better at building strength and skeletal muscles which will at long last help a person become leaner and lose weight, because it is muscle that burns the largest amount of calories. Circuit training, which alternates an aerobic activity with an anaerobic exercise, is best for the quickest and most effective workout.


Aiming to burn fat and get a toned look as well, one could always follow three basic steps:

• Step 1

Pick your favorite cardio exercise and perform an aerobic endurance session for 30 minutes twice per week, whether it’s jogging, a stair machine or swimming.

• Step 2

To build muscle and raise your metabolic rate, perform anaerobic trainingin the form ofresistance exercisesthree to four times per week.

• Step 3

Do compound exercises that combinethe above aerobic and anaerobic into giant sets or circuits with minimal rest in between to raise your metabolism and increase fat loss.

Choosing a personal trainer

A good personal trainer can help you set up a program that meets your goals and teaches you the best way to exercise. “Inappropriate exercises may lead to an injury,” Ding says. He suggests speaking to a trainer before starting a new exercise routine.


• Reason 1: Personalized workout plan

After assessing your fitness level and figuring out what your goals are or even help you set goals, your personal trainer will set up a personalized program for you and keep you motivated.

• Reason 2: Push you to achieve

your goals A trainer will also push you to transcend your comfort level, which is difficult to do on your own.

• Reason 3: Enhance plan’s continuance 

A personal trainer will always make a workout timetable for you and remind you to stay on the program. This will make it tougher to skip a daily exercise plan and enhance your workout


• Reason 4: Ensure your safety

No one can completely erase the risk of injury, but a personal trainer is there for more than just counting the reps. A personal trainer will watch and correct any issues with form to reduce injury risk.

• Reason 5: Progress assessments

A personal trainer can record your workouts and understand what is taking place. Making sense of what you’ve achieved over time and what should be the next step will help you reach your goals faster and more effectively.


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Eat healthy

“Starving yourself and skipping meals only leads to more weight gains when you stop the diet,” Leo says. He recommends a healthy, well-balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit. An extreme diet slows down your metabolism, which is counterproductive to losing weight.


• Tip 1: Eat fresh food

Choose fresh, low-fat food rather than junk food. Adding a lot of vegetables and fruits to your diet will help you feel full.

• Tip 2: Choose white meats

Opt for chicken breast and seafood that are rich in protein and leaner than red meat. Steamed, grilled, broiled or baked foods are healthier.

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