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Wonderful ideas to keep active children occupied
By Yoyo He and Lilly Zhang

There are plenty of activities to keep rambunctious kids busy in Shanghai. If children are tired of museums, parks and shopping malls, check out the following places. iDEALShanghai has compiled a variety of choices including adventure kingdoms, a LEGO center, ocean aquarium and mini-family theater. Yoyo He and Lilly Zhang guides. 

Develop kids’ intelligence 

Creative Lego 


 It is an early learning center designed to provide some educational fun. If you are trying to satisfy your child’s lego obsession while improving their intelligence, head to this center. 

Led by teachers who majored in science and technology, children three to eight years of age can try different designs based on their ability. One class per week lasts one to two hours. A yearly group session of approximately eight students begins at 5,700 yuan (US$918). 


Youjia Handmade Pavilion 


 It gives everyone a chance to try their hands at pottery making. A harmless green polymer clay is used in case a child puts it in their mouth. Children need to be accompanied by an adult and everyone is welcome to try. There are numerous group activities on weekends, holidays and during summer and winter vacations. 


Yugongfang Workshop


It gives everyone a chance to try their hands at pottery making. A harmless green polymer clay is used in case a child puts it in their mouth. Children need to be accompanied by an adult and everyone is welcome to try. There are numerous group activities on weekends, holidays and during summer and winter vacations. 


Build up kids’ bodies 

Omocha Toys Kingdom 


In Minhang District, it covers a space of nearly 2,000 square meters. Targeting children aged eight and under, it features all kinds of toys that are imported from overseas. The space is divided into eight playing sections. The transportation section allows children to build railways and race cars. Meanwhile the performing area encourages youngsters to show off their singing and dancing skills. What’s more, children can use the replica vegetables and utensils to “cook” an outdoor barbecue in the playground. 


 Amazon Adventure Park 


It is one of the top interactive amusement parks in the country with 18 locations to date. There’s a trampoline, climbing wall and more. Experts in the field are on hand to ensure safety. 


Eday Town 


If you’re desperate for indoor activities in Shanghai, then this role-playing theme park is a good option for kids aged three and above. Housed in a 7,000 square meter facility on the top floor of an upscale shopping mall in Minhang District, Eday Town is a mini-city where kids can pretend to be a doctor, reporter, pilot, engineer, baker or detective. Within their own self-contained community, kids may discover their future careers or just a new way to have fun 


Broaden kids’ vision

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium


It is one of the largest aquariums in Asia and has the world’s longest and most spectacular underwater viewing tunnel, stretching 168 meters with a 180-degree overhead dome view. You can see sharks swimming right above your head and thousands of other fish and amphibians.The aquarium is divided into nine zones and displays more than 14,000 creatures of 450 species from around the world. It also includes river fish and some rare Chinese species such as the giant salamander and the Yangtze River crocodile. 


Shanghai Entomological Museum


Shanghai Entomological Museum covers an area of 2,000 square meters, with a collection of more than 1 million insect specimens. In the center of the museum is an exhibit with beautifully framed butterfly specimens that attract visitors with their colors and variety. Also exhibited is a treasured collection of rare species of moths. There also are many vivid pictures and descriptions regarding the world of insects, and insects' important relationship with humans. 


Shanghai Museum of Glass


The Shanghai Museum of Glass is perfect for visitors of all ages, with its sparkling and colorful galleries. The main section shows a range of glass artifacts, from ancient to contemporary, classic to avant-garde. The museum is divided into five exhibition areas - What Is Glass; The Development of Technology; From Daily Life to the Forefront of Science and Technology; Demonstration of Art Creation; and The Hot Glass Workshop.

More recommendations

Movie Coffee

As one of the city’s hidden gems, this small movie-themed cafe near the Shanghai Film Art Center offers fresh cups of aromatic coffee, fine desserts and artistic films. Families with young children will like the cartoon-themed home theater  on 6th floor of the shop. The mini-cinema provides a private relaxing space for family gatherings and the fancy interior decor is bound to be popular with kids. The cozy and nice ambience of the main dining room also makes it a great option for gatherings. Groups of famous local singers are invited to perform live show here.

movie coffee.jpg 


Handicraft DIY Courses by kids at Charlie’s 

Charlie’s Restaurant and Bar  invites parents to bring their kids to create a unique masterpiece by doing DIY handicrafts this Saturday. The relaxing atmosphere and colorful surroundings make for an enjoyable outing. Charlie’s welcome all kids aged 3 and over to join this fun event in this warm summer . Kids will be taught how to draw doodles on eggshells and how to help make brunch for the family. What’s more, families will also be invited to do puzzles games togther after happy meal in a big glass house inside the restaurant while enjoy the sunshine.

Date: April 11th

Time: 11am-1pm

Add:  178, Xinhua Road, near Fanyu Road


Active Kids Shanghai 

AKS is the biggest community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality sports for children in Shanghai. AKS works with volunteers and skilled professionals to provide safe, well-run activities that stimulate development of physical and social skills while promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence and respect for others. AKS offers 10 sports programs: soccer, swimming, baseball, basketball, ballet, gymnastics, volleyball, field hockey, tennis and badminton. Kids need to become a member of AKS to take part. Membership is renewed yearly and is valid from August each year to the following August. 

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164