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Uncovering secrets of a superspy’s suaveness
By Yoyo He

It’s sometimes said that a suit is a modern man’s suit of armor, and that’s certainly the case in “Kingsman: The Secret Service” — the spy action comedy that has swept cinemas in Shanghai.
While reinvigorating the spy genre, the movie also injects new life into the classic British gentleman’s wardrobe.


Lethal but elegant superspy Harry Hart, played by Mr Darcy himself, Colin Firth, wields exploding cigarette lighters and bulletproof umbrellas to fight crime, while remaining impeccably dressed all the while.

“How to dress like ‘Kingsman’” has become a hot online topic in China.But remember that such suaveness it’s not just about clothes, experts say.In the film, the spy organization recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program, just as a global threat emerges from a twisted techie genius.


And the quote “manners make a man” is brought to bear in his transformation.
Shanghai stylist Jeff Lee agrees, and offers the following top tips to aspiring British superspies.


• Always follow the principle of “lady comes first.”

• Never get drunk or speak loudly in public.

That aside, Lee advises you focus on your appearance to guarantee seemingly effortless cool.Make sure your suits fit properly especially in the shoulders, since Asian men are usually smaller-boned comparing to Europeans. 

• Opt for a cleancut, formal hairstyle and add a soft spray to hold it place during the daily rigors of crime-fighting.

Make sure that suit color blends well with your skin complexion.

• Get your suits tailor-made to ensure absolutely perfect measurements.

Still on the suit, choose a color that blends well with your skin complexion. Make sure your shirts are made of a fabric which is comfortable — no nylon-induced sweaty armpits please.

If you’ve succeeded in your mission to remember all that, now iDEALShanghai has enlisted fashion stylist Wenjun Lauhelps you achieve that classic English look — from how to fold your handkerchief to your Oxford shoes (not brogues) — and be a true Kingsman.


  • Vintage watch and black-framed glasses

A classic watch is a must, while blackframed glasses give an air of wit and politeness, insists Wenjun Law, a stylist and all-around It girl.


  • Textured tie

“Always feel the fabric of the tie and look at the lining,” Lau advises, adding that a true gent will always opt for the rather royal Windsor knot.


  • Classic pocket, handkerchief, folded subtly

Lau says that the pocket handkerchief should match the shirt or tie. As a bonus,a hankie can also keep your outfit clean.


  • Double-breasted suit

The essential element is a classic English gentlemen’s suit. While many people think the double-breasted suit is old-fashioned, Lau is having none of it. Pinstripes add an extra touch of class, business and typical British style. To ensure the perfect fit, break the bank and recruit a stylist and tailor, advises Lau, and consult before the tailor gets to work.

  • Cufflinks

“Details matter most when it comes to judging a man’s taste,” Lau says, and cufflinks are all about personal expression.A gentleman should buy a pair that reflects his personality in some way.


  • Walking cane/ Umbrella

Even if not concealing secret weapons, a gentleman’s walking cane adds a classy final touch to the “Kingsman” look.


  • Classic Oxfords

A Secret Password used in the film is ‘Oxfords not brogues’, referring to the fact that a true Kingsman wears Oxfords.



Law also gives more suggestions on daily wear, visit HERE for details.

All the items are provided by custom tailoring shop PULLY and photographed by Yoyo He.

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