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New natural history museum opens in Shanghai
By Lily Zhang

The opening of the Shanghai Natural History Museum last Sunday marked an important addition to the city’s educational and cultural resources.

The museum attracted 10,400 visitors during its opening day, close to its daily maximum capacity of 13,860.

Shanghai is home to many other interesting educational venues which are sure to stoke the curiosity and intellect of visitors both young and old. iDEALShanghai is here to list some local highlights. Of course, we cannot ignore the new natural history museum, so let’s start from there.


Shanghai Natural History Museum

Located in Jing’an District, the newly opened facility is actually a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, replacing a previous museum on Yan’an Road that closed last year after 58 years in operation.

The newcomer is one of China’s largest museums, with nearly 290,000 specimens in its collection and room to display 11,000 items at any given time, including a complete skeleton of a 140-million-year-old mamenchisaurus.

With five floors in total, the museum can hold over 5,000 people at a time. To ensure a safe and comfortable experience, officials say they will slow down or stop admissions once 4,000 people are inside.

Food and beverages are available for purchase on the first basement floor. A dessert house and vending machines are also on site.

Digital and interactive displays are big highlights of the relocated Shanghai Natural History Museum.

Visitors can access 300 digital pictures on their tablet computers or smartphones. Over 200 games and video clips are also available.

The museum includes several rare specimens from species such as the Yellow River mammoth, giant salamander, giant panda and the Yangtze alligator.

Some 280 odd specimens displayed in the Walk Into Africa section are another highlights.


  • Before arriving at the museum, it’s advised to check its offi cial website at www.snhm.org.cn in order to plan your visit.

  • If you want to participate in interactive events at the museum’s discovery center, it’s better to book in advance through its offi cial website, WeChat account or mobile app.

  • As the museum lacks on-site public parking facilities, visitors are encouraged to take public transportation.

  • With the recent opening drawing huge numbers of visitors, those averse to crowds and long queues may want to either avoid the museum during weekends and holidays or delay their trip until the early enthusiasm subsides.

  • Be sure to visit the souvenir shop on the museum’s second basement fl oor. An item from this can’t-miss shop can help preserve the memory of your trip.

Address: 510 Beijing Rd W.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9am-5:15pm

Tickets: 30 yuan (US$4.8) for adults,with discounts or free admission for seniors, students and children. Etickets are available on the museum’s website at www.snhm.org.cn.

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