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Ready to take the checkered flag?
By Yoyo.He

With Lewis Hamilton’s triumph in this month’s Formula One Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai still a vivid memory, perhaps you’re keen to zoom around a race track yourself and — quite literally — live life in the fast lane.While they’re unlikely to outstrip Hamilton’s Mercedes, go-karts provide a great opportunity for would-be F1 drivers to live out their circuit fantasies, and escape city frustrations of red lights and rush hour gridlock.


Karting sees small, open go-karts raced on scaled-down racing circuits and because the karts only have two pedals — gas and brake — it’s very easy to learn and suitable for people of most ages.So if you want to grace the tarmac in Shanghai, a visit to Feyting Club could be your next step.


This 4,500 square meter track is the biggest indoor kart track in Asia and is sure to meet most requirements.

FEITING4 (2).jpg

Every track is able to accommodate at least four karts, with a maximum of six 200cc of the vehicles allowed to race at any one time.To help ensure safety, track dividers made of tires absorb collision impacts, safety helmets are provided and professionals are at hand at all times.


Kitted out, you can revel in the glory of beating your fastest Feyting lap time, or execute sublime overtaking maneuvers to leave rivals in your wake.And while your exploits might not earn you a magnum of champagne, you can savor victory afterward with a well-deserved cold beer in the sizable bar on second floor.


“If you think head-to-head indoor kart racing experiences is just for kids, think again,” says Tony Zhang, founder of Feyting Club and an amateur racing driver with 8 years'experience.Zhang or a colleague will be at hand to advise both rookie and experienced drivers before they hit the track.“Always keep safety in mind and please, never treat it like bumper cars,” he adds.Here comes something you must know before racing from Zhang.


• Be alert at all times and take notice when staff are waving safety flags
Always be aware of others around you and pay attention to staff instructions — especially if they’re waving safety flags.
• Wear a driving suit and tuck long hair into your helmet
Wear a driving suit or at least a driving jacket. And make sure your hair has completely tucked into your helmet to avoid any chance of it being caught in the engine.
• Sitting correctly in your kart and relax.
It sounds minor, but your posture can make a big difference to how the kart handles and accelerates. Sit comfortably with your back against the seat and resist the urge to lean forward as you race. And don’t forget to relax — it will help you focus and enjoy the ride.

• Never apply the brake and accelerator simultaneously.
Many rookie drivers don’t know that hitting the brake and gas at the same time will cause the engine to cut out and the car to veer out of control.
• Don’t be aggressive when overtaking — keep a safe distance
Aggressive overtaking can lead to accidents. If you’re too close to another driver as you try to get past them and they suddenly brake, it could result in a collision. So keep your distance!


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Now that you’ve had some top tips on basic kart racing rules, it’s time to learn
about some more advanced driving skills to help you to rack up some fast
lap times. A word of advice first though.
“It doesn’t matter how quick you are in a kart, there is always someone faster.All you have to do is compete with yourself. Being quicker than your last time is a success,” says Chen Xiang, a senior partner of Feyting Kart Club and an experienced racing car driver.Here’s Xiang’s advice to ensure you’re soon zooming round the track.


* Grip the wheel symmetrically
Thinking of the steering wheel as a clock face, the lowest you should hold is where 9 and 3 would be; and the highest at 10 and 2 on the clock face. Make sure your hands are symmetrically placed to give you more control when you maneuver the kart.

* Explore the limits of brake and gas

Explore the limits of brake and gas after you got used to the speed of your kart. Before warm up, try to brake very hard with the pedal to almost lock the rears to test its limits and experiments with your gas little by little to feel the momentum which is getting stronger and stronger.


* Get familiar with the racing lanes.

Due to the lack of familiarity with the race lines, drivers often turn in too early or too late at corners, so take your time for more warm up laps before you start a competition with other racers.


* Be smooth with the kart and don’t lose momentum

Braking, swerving and altering acceleration will cause you to lose momentum, so try to be as smooth as possible during racing. Try to avoid unnecessary braking and slow-downs by precisely anticipate your next moves.


* Turn in later and stay straight longer

The speed of the kart is reduced by turning, so always turn in later and stay straight longer to reach top speeds. The longer you move forward without altering your path, the more likely you’ll make a quicker finish time.


* Avoid braking while turning

Doing so may cause your tires losing traction and spin out more easily. If you have to do braking, you’d better do it when you’re move forward straight.


* Carry your exit speed out of the corner

It's not how fast you get into the corner but rather how fast you exit matters. The speed you enter the corner could dictate the speed you exit. Go in too fast in a single bend will make you come out too slow. Go in too slow will make your exit speed slower. Sort your entry speed before committing to the corner to get the best chance of exiting quickly.


* Leaning to the outside when cornering

Since the kart does not have a differential, the rear wheels will always spin at the same speed, but the outside wheel has to cover more distance when cornering. Shift your weight to the outside will help you to take weight off the inside rear and help it spin.


* Be richer than the rest guys

If you can afford the best engines, chassis, mechanics and tyres, then you will definitely be able to go quicker than other drivers as long as you combine the basic tips above. If you are rich enough to buy an exclusive kart for yourself and do daily maintenances, your chance to cheer at finish line of course will be much higher.


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