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Fabulous Teppanyaki hot off the grill
By Yoyo.He

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese food. It literally means “hot plate,” and refers to grilled, broiled or pan-fried items. Usually you can get a table with your own chef who prepares the food in front of you: a smart way to avoid the embarrassment of eating alone. Fresh vegetables, different kinds of meat and fish, or yummy desserts, whatever you have in mind, your wish is your chef’s command. Here is a recommendation for you to get the most authentic teppanyaki in town.

Le Cham Teppanyaki (No18.Zhenning Road,near Huashan Road)

le cham2.jpg

le cham 1.jpg

As one of the most high-end French teppanyaki restaurants in Shanghai, it is an exciting new one decorated magnificently on the tranquil No.18 Zhenning Road. Speaking of the soothing and luxury dining environment, it has a real contemporary edge to it and designed in a color scheme of golden. The private rooms upstairs provide one-to-one service to customs to create an exclusive dining experiences. The chefs who come from Taiwan do not just cook for you, they entertain you with skill and the odd flamboyant touch while creating impressive cuisine right in front of you. With a stringent requirement of dish ingredients, the chef is dedicated to offer best food with its natural flavor.

Here we recommend some signature dishes at Le Cham Teppanyaki:

Matsusaka steak

Matsusaka Steak.jpg

As one of the three top beef brands in Japan, it typically commands higher prices due to its superior quality since the cows are raised in a quiet and serene area surrounding Matsusaka. It is famous for its high fat-to-meat ratio. Le Cham Teppanyaki invites you to have a bite to feel its soft and marbled texture for free.

Pan-fried giant prawns

Pan-fried giant prawns (worth 100 yuan ).jpg

The restaurant first cleaned out and then cooked the fresh and sweet prawns in their shells to ensure maximum flavor. Served on a plate with slices of kiwi and tasty caviar, this seafood delicacy allows you to imagine you’re bathing in the warm sunshine along the magnificent Mediterranean Sea.

Pan-fried cod

Pan-fried cod (worth 80 yuan ).jpg

Deep-sea cod is cooked over a simmering heat to preserve the original flavor. The lean, tender and delicious cod flesh is more mouthwatering after being covered with a light sauce.

French fried foie gras with caviar

French fried foie gras with caviar (worth 180 yuan).jpg

Foie gras and caviar are two great indulgences. The restaurant tries to source the best for customers. The smooth and creamy foie gras is carefully selected and paired with French caviar to transform a regular meal into a banquet. Even the tiniest spoonful will add a dash of luxury to any feast.

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