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Epic carnival promises more than biking fun
By Cindy Jiang

THE “Ecological Chongming, Green Carnival” takes place on the island during the professional cycling races to add extra fun to the athletic competitions and give fans more things to do.

The five-day carnival starts on May 13 at Xincheng Park and will be all about living healthier and greener lifestyles. Cycling and other outdoor sports like fishing, roller-blading and rock climbing are becoming increasingly popular on the island.

“Now in its fifth year, the carnival attracts more visitors — not just those who enjoy the races but also many who enjoy the local culture and food,” says Tang Hailong, the head of Chongming County. “The cycling races seem to be inspiring more people to embrace a green and healthy lifestyle.”


The carnival area covers about 7,000 square meters and there will be stage performances, local cultural shows, bicycle culture, loads of food and a variety of other entertainment options.

On the main stage, Chongming folk songs will be performed. There will also be a bicycle stunt show, acrobatics and dance performances to keep the crowds busy. The local culture shows include folk arts like sugar painting, paper-cutting and rice engraving. There will also be some games in which people can win prizes.

With the races taking place, biking and bike-related activities are central to the carnival. Visitors can enjoy motocross stunts and even give it a try.

No carnival would be complete without food. The “Ecological Chongming, Green Carnival” doesn’t disappoint as authentic local snacks, like Chongming cake, made with the freshest ingredients on the island will be available.


You can also try imported foods and beverages such as wines, fruits and seafood. Snacks from various provinces and cities in China will also be available.

Meanwhile, the “Finding White Goat Riding Trip” will run through the middle of May.

There’s also a chance to pedal in the slipstream of the pros. If you want to try the same route, join the riding race from the end of May to June.

Date: May 13-17, 9am-8pm

Address: Xincheng Park, Chongming Ave



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