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Coffee Chain Face-off
By Yoyo He and Lauren Ren

Water might be the elixir of life but coffee has some pretty magical properties of its own, particularly for those who need an extra dose of pep in the morning. If coffee is a part of your daily routine, you likely prefer some coffee shops over others. But when it comes to small, medium and large, not all cups are created equal. Which of the chain cafes operating in Shanghai offers the best value in terms of size and price? We recently bought coffee from five retail brands — Starbucks, Costa, Pacific, Segafredo and Kafelaku — to compare how much each is offering its customers.


Test Discription: Cup comparisons

We measured small, medium and large-sized cups separately by buying 14 lattes from the five coffee shops (Segafredo does not offer a large option). For the purposes of comparison, we filled the largest cup in each size group and then poured its contents into increasingly smaller cups to see just how much overflowed.


Here are three online videos for you to see the difference for yourself!

Small Cup Test Video

 Medium Cup Test Video

 Large Cup Test Video

Let’s unveil the results!


Note: The data presented here is for reference only. Experimental errors are inevitable when it comes to measuring each cup of coffee. Furthermore, individual differences in volume exist even between cups of the same size from the same brand.

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