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Historic street's home to leisure, and worship
By Yang Di

Hengshan Road, formerly Avenue Petain, is a street in the former French concession with a rich history. More than two kilometers long, Hengshan Road was originally named Beidang Road, taking its current name in 1943. Its history of more than 80 years has left the road with many examples of outstanding historical architecture for visitors to admire.

One end of Hengshan Road connects with bustling Xujiahui area, where large numbers of young white collars work in foreign enterprises. The other end adjoins areas of embassies and high-class residences.

In pace with the increasing prosperity of Xujiahui business circle, Hengshan Road combines business and tourism. It has built an atmosphere of enterprise culture, and is striving to construct a leisure street displaying European touches. Details such as railings, street lamps, benches and small gardens give the impression of being in a European country.

Shanghai Brewery

The two-floor Shanghai Brewery, at the intersection of Hengshan Road and Dongping Road, is a beer heaven, with brewing vats greeting customers at the door and hand-crafted brews available from 10am through to the wee hours. Shanghai Brewery prides itself on its fresh microbrews at 48 yuan (US$7.55) for 500ml and offers seven kinds; from German-style beers brewed with a large portion of wheat barley, to Czech-style beer made using world-famous Czech Saaz hops. A selection of four types of microbrews, each in a 200ml glass, costs 58 yuan. In addition, Shanghai Brewery also offers beer cocktails and a wide selection of food. From 5pm to 11pm, Monday to Thursday, there are different promotions: buy one pizza and get two beer free on Mondays; buy one burger get one free on Tuesdays; 20 percent off German dishes on Wednesday; and 20 percent off on Mexican food on Thursdays. The weekday lunch set costs 78 yuan, including soup, a choice of main courses and desserts plus a drink.

Opening hours: 10am-2am
Address: 15 Dongping Rd
Tel: 3461-0717

Ruby Nail Salon

Open three years, Ruby Nail Salon specializes in Japanese nail art, providing manicure and pedicure services which promise tender hands and feet, plus gorgeous nails. Fans of Japanese nail art should come here to keep up with the latest nail trends from there. And to ensure authenticity, the manicurist comes from Japan. About 60 percent of the customers are Japanese and more and more Chinese are joining them. Finger manicure costs around 350 yuan (US$55.5), including a comprehensive hand treatment. Phototherapy manicure - 180 yuan for one color - comes recommended as it can last for a month and is environmentally friendly, using a pure resin product. The shop also offers ordinary nail polish, which costs 98 yuan for one time. All products are imported from Japan and Canada. Members of the salon can enjoy a discount of 10 percent for a 1,000 yuan card and 15 percent on a 2,000 yuan card.

Opening hours: 11am-8pm
Address: 27-1 Hengshan Rd
Tel: 6466-6230

Yin Par Le Garcon Chinois

Yin Par Le Garcon Chinois is one of the most popular fusion Shanghainese restaurants in town for entertaining guests. The ambience is classic, with antique Chinese furniture and oil paintings inside and leafy plane trees outside. The eatery is especially popular with expats and visitors. Chinese cooking sometimes relies on large quantities of cooking oil and MSG to add flavor, but Yin has cut down on oil and never adds MSG so that guests can enjoy the flavors of the freshest ingredients. Popular dishes include fresh cod pieces lightning fried and marinated in Shanghai-style sauce (58 yuan/US$9.2), drunken chicken (43 yuan), Mr Dan's special sliced lamb and garlic shoots sauteed with 10 different exotic spices (53 yuan), eight treasures duck (98 yuan) and sauteed tofu with freshwater crab meat (88 yuan). A summer dish menu offers three light seasonal dishes.

Opening hours: 12pm-2pm; 5:30pm-midnight
Address: 2/F, No. 4 Hengshan Rd
Tel: 5466-5070

Shanghai Community Church

Completed in 1925, the Shanghai Community Church was built by a group of wealthy overseas Chinese. The church was originally founded in 1917 when an American Christian organized a choir on Donghu Road. After being closed for a period, it reopened in 1980 and is now attended by thousands of Christians. The Gothic-style church occupies an area of 7,300 square meters and is made up of three sections: the chapel and two three-story wings. The steep roof is in the classic European gable style, and the church also features arched windows, plus arches inside. The exterior is red-bricked and the roof covered with slate. The church's acoustic characteristics are said to be perfect for choirs, appropriate as a choir led to its existence.

Services: Sunday, 7:30am, 10am, 7pm (English service available)
Address: 53 Hengshan Road

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164