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Choices galore for couples marking big day
By Tong Wangyue


FOR most newlyweds taking outdoor wedding photographs is fun, exciting and memorable. There are numerous locations around Shanghai for outdoor wedding shoots. Some offer natural views while others feature glorious man-made backdrops. Whatever you desire, there’s a location suitable for you.

The Bund

If you like history and a sense of timelessness the Bund is a wonderful choice. The area along the Huangpu River is a symbol of Shanghai and a place where tradition and modernity meet. It has many historic buildings in different architectural styles including Art Deco, Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque and Classicism. The views and buildings create numerous backdrops for creative photographers.


Thames Town

Out in suburban Songjiang District, Thames Town covers an area of 1 square kilometer and cost 5 billion yuan (US$806 million) to construct. The town looks like a historic English country village with cobbled streets, red telephone booths, half-timbered Tudor buildings and a Gothic church modeled after Christ Church Clifton in Bristol. The church features stained-glass windows and a towering spire.

Some of the town’s buildings are direct copies of those in England and it’s no surprise when visitors feel as though they are in a foreign country. Attracting young couples with exotic views, Thames Town is a popular location for wedding photography. The picturesque church and main square are often used as backdrops.


University campuses

Campuses are also popular wedding shoot locations for couples who met at school and want to add extra meaning to their pictures. Footbridges, rivers, lovely plants and historic school buildings bring back fond memories for newlyweds.

The historic school buildings in Yangpu University Town are especially nice while Songjiang University Town has a more exotic feel.


Shanghai Botanical Garden

Gardens are popular spots for wedding photo shoots because of the picturesque scenery. Covering an area of 81.86 hectares, Shanghai Botanical Garden is renowned for its excellent landscaping and diverse collection of Chinese plants. The bonsai greenhouse and orchid garden are well-known throughout the country. Over 1,000 kinds of bonsai can be found. Pose among 6,000 different species including perennial and bromeliad plants, along with flowering shrubs.


Duolun Road

Built in 1911 and located in Hongkou District, Duolun Road is a pedestrian street stretching 550 meters.

The road features architecture from the 20th century, including prominent private residences. Of note is the former residence of H. H. Kung, built in an Islamic style, and the French neoclassical former residence of Tang Enbo.

Fitch Memorial Church, known as Hongde Tang in Chinese, is the only Christian church built in a Chinese style in the city. Its spiritualness attracts many couples looking to add more meaning to their wedding photos.

There is also the former campus of China Art University, where the League of Left-Wing Writers was founded. A well-preserved area of dense lilong housing (including both shikumen and newer styles) can be seen on Duolun Road, creating a peaceful environment that sometimes seems hard to find in Shanghai.


Shanghai Film Studios Amusement Park

For a retro look, Shanghai Film Park is the city’s best option. Funded and built by Shanghai Film (Group) Co Ltd, Shanghai Film Studios Amusement Park is primarily used to film TV series and movies, for sightseeing, and cultural communication.

Shanghai Film Park is a recreation of 1930s Shanghai. It has sets featuring Nanjing Road, shikumen alleyways, old town Shanghai, European buildings, the Suzhou Creek neighborhood, Moller Villa and more. Large soundstages, costume warehouses, set decoration and prop warehouses, and construction workshops can also be found.

Couples who love TV dramas and films set in the old days will likely get a kick out of taking their wedding photos here. Strike a pose and act out your wedding fantasies.


Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park

Along the banks of the Huangpu River in the east and Jungong Road in the west, Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park is the city’s largest park in the downtown area. It is a peaceful place far from noise and a natural oxygen bar due to the surrounding trees and plants. A wide variety of trees and flowers can be found in the park, which has been dubbed a “green museum” by some. There are several scenic spots within its grounds including Valley of Pine Trees and Forest Wilderness. The colorful flowers and large expanses of green grass provide beautiful backdrops for wedding photo shoots in the spring.


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