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District’s history comes to life in Museum Month
By Li Anlan

Museum Month is back for a fourth year in Changning District, as 36 galleries, exhibition halls and historic sites open their doors free to the public from May 16 to June 14.

While some participating sites are open every day, others are only open during this brief four-week period. A series of special exhibitions, performances and seminars will also coincide with the annual celebration of the district’s history.

Shanghai Daily has prepared a guide to some of the district’s most significant attractions as well as several noteworthy events.


St John’s University

Now part of the East China Institute of Politics and Law, St John’s University was founded by William Jones Boone and Joseph Scherschewsky, Bishop of Shanghai, in the 1879, making it one of China’s first universities.

The institute’s old campus buildings blend Chinese and Western elements and styles.

Opening day: June 13-14, 9:30-11am, 1-4pm
Tel: 6210-0008
Address: 1575 Wanhangdu Rd


Garden residence of Wang Boqun

In a quiet lane off Yuyuan Road sits the former residence of Wang Boqun, who was once Kuomintang Minister of Transportation. The four-story Gothic-style garden villa that serves as the residence’s main building has more than 30 rooms. The living room is decorated with traditional Oriental furniture.

The building is now the home of Shanghai Changning Children’s Palace.

Tel: 6210-0089
Address: 31, Lane 1136, Yuyuan Rd

Old column base of Fahua Temple

The column base had been buried underground for hundreds of years before it was rediscovered and preserved during the site’s transformation into a creative park.

Opening day: June 13-14, 9:30-11am, 1-4pm
Address: 525 Fahuazhen Rd
Tel: 6210-0089


Former residence of Rewi Alley

Rewi Alley (1897-1987), the New Zealand writer, political activist and member of the Communist Party of China, had lived in a three-story British-style house built in 1912. A garden abuts the residence on its east side.

Opening day: June 13-14, 9:30-11am, 1-4pm
Tel: 6210-0089
Address: 4, Lane 1315 Yuyuan Rd


Former residence of Zhou Gucheng

Zhou Gucheng (1898-1996), the former vice president of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, was one of China’s foremost historians and social activists.

Born in Yiyang, Hunan Province, he taught English and history upon graduating from the Beijing Normal University in 1921, and became a professor of history in Fudan University about two decades later.

His residence in Shanghai is a two-story house on Tai’an Road.

Opening day: June 13-14, 9:30-11am, 1-4pm
Tel: 6210-0089
Address: No.6, Lane 115, Tai’an Rd

Former site of Shanghai Clutch Factory

The old warehouse buildings of the Shanghai Clutch Factory have been reborn as a space for galleries and other creative industries. The buildings represent an important piece of the city’s industrial heritage.

Opening day: June 13-14, 9:30-11am, 1-4pm
Tel: 6210-0089
Address: 1718 Tianshan Rd


Former residence of Shi Liang

Shi Liang (1900-1985) was a renowned jurist and politician. Born in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, she was educated in Shanghai where later she lived and worked as a lawyer. Shi became the first minister of justice of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

Her former residence in Shanghai is a three-story European garden villa built in 1920. The preserved structure is now an office building.

Opening day: June 13-14, 9:30-11am, 1-4pm
Tel: 6210-0089
Address: 1357-1359 Wuding Rd W. 


Other Exhibitions

Thangka Show

Thangka, a form of Tibetan art, is recognized as a part of China’s national intangible cultural heritage. Thangka master painter Golok Shirab’s works will be on display as part of the Museum Month.

Date: June 6-21
Venue: Soviet Art Gallery
Address: 3/F, Changning Library, 356 Tianshan Rd

The System of Objects

This is a group exhibition featuring works by 44 Chinese contemporary artists, including paintings, sculptures, installations, videos and animations.

Date: Through June 28, closed on Mondays
Venue: Minsheng Art Museum
Address: Unit F, 570 Huaihai Rd W.

Woodblock Printing

Woodblock printing, a technique to print texts as well as images that originated in China, is on display.

Date: Through June 30
Venue: Linkong Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall
Address: 1/F, Unit C, Lane 999 Jinzhong Rd

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164