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Lil Jon stays one step ahead of the music scene
By Yoyo He

Boasting the reputation as "King of Crunk" and "Master of one-word rhetorical cquestions," Lil Jon is one of the most prominent figures in American music and pop culture. To those acquainted with the Atlanta Crunk scene of the last decade, the Grammy award-winning artist has a talent that can not be denied and is widely known for his platinum-selling productions.


Lil Jon holds cellphone and browses through the site of www.idealshanghai.com.

Although Crunk has faded out, Jon has continued from one success to another and shown he isn’t afraid to evolve. Last Friday night, he returned to Shanghai for a set at
M1NT. The place was packed and Jon delivered another crazy night with the slogan “It's time to get loose.”He says music is always evolving.


"Actually, we don't use the term Crunk music anymore,”he tells Shanghai Daily.“Now
I do 'Turn-on music', which is any form of music that will turn people on. For me, I think
trap has the energy in the EDM world and has turned into the real party music, which is my favorite stuff now.”While trotting the globe to do his DJ sets and his original productions as hip hop artist, Jon’s diverse interests and talents are almost always changing.


“I am open-minded to everything from the disco to the funk that I've listened to and its influences on me. Now, I am also working on preparations for shows on television programs, I mean, anything to promote myself,” he says.

Jon says Kanye West is on high his hit list because he has the certain kind of energy.“But I am not ready to sign any contracts with record labels or do corporate deals,”he says. “At least for now, I think doing solo works on independent labels gives me more freedom.”

He has performed for hundreds of thousands of fans over the years with stars like Steve Aoki, Afrojack, and Sydney Samson, while also crafting groundbreaking hits for a diverse array of artists including Usher, BritneySpears, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Ying Yang Twins, Will.I.Am, Travis Barker, and many more.

From his early days and hits with Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz to his recent international hard-core hit “TurnDown for What,” he continually finds a way not to just survive, but thrive in the fickle music world.

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