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Everyone scream for ice cream
By Yoyo He and Lily Zhang

With the hot summer days just around the corner, cool treats become more appealing. As the star of summer desserts ice cream is the ultimate to beat the heat. Here’s some information you may not know about one of the world’s most loved desserts.

In the know

• What is it made of?
Ice cream must contain at least 10 percent milk fats, at least 20 percent milk solids, at most 0.5 percent stabilizers and at most 0.2 percent emulsifiers.

• What’s an Ice Cream Headache?
Why does this sensation happen? Everybody has a nerve center on the roof of their mouth. When too much ice cream touches this spot the blood vessels constrict, altering the flow of blood to your head and causing pain. Ice cream headaches occur when someone eats too much in one spoonful or eats too quickly.

The cold truth
• It takes about 50 licks to eat one scoop of ice cream.
• It takes 12 pounds of milk to make a gallon of ice cream.
• Between minus 14 degrees Celsius and minus 12 degrees is the best temperature for serving ice cream.
• The third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day in the United States.
• Of all the days of the week, most ice cream is bought on Sunday.
• Kids aged 2-12 and adults over 45 eat the most ice cream.
More men (13 percent) admit to licking their ice cream bowl clean than women (8 percent).
• Five percent of ice cream eaters share it with their pet.


There is no shortage of ice cream in Shanghai. It’s easy to find and there
are some great options for those hankering for a good cone, whether your
favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip or tutti fruiti. iDEALShanghai has
rounded up the best spots in town for you to buy a cone or a cup. Each
place on the list has something a little different to offer.

Just Like it

Just Like it.jpg

Located in Jing’an Kerry Center, it has many different flavors of ice cream. The molecular ice creams are the most popular with liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius used to freeze freshly made ice cream instantly. Magic Rose is made with mustard laver, hazelnut and raspberry flavors. Just Like It doesn’t use any
Average price: 80 yuan



It serves Italian handmade gelato that is served in a variety of shapes including a bear’s paw, red rose, Chanel No. 5, black skull and red lips. A great selection of flavors ensures there’s something for everyone.
Average price: 34 yuan

Mr. Eggie’s

Mr. Eggie’s.jpg

Located in SML Center, it is famous for its egg rolls. It also serves egg roll ice cream. Owner Mark Boey says his eggrolls (he calls them‘eggies’) come in flavors from original to chocolate, hazelnut and jasmine and even a floral series dusted with edible flowers like forget-me-nots,osmanthus and peony.
His uniquely-flavored ice creams are made in the shop with imported equipment and ingredients including Hong Kong-style milk tea and organic black sesame.

Average price: 20 yuan


Blink.jpgThere is a variety of beautifully decorated ice creams — each with its own distinct appearance and flavor here. Flavors offered include classics like chocolate and strawberry, but cool alternatives such as mango. The waiters and waitresses are very
helpful. Price is also very reasonable.
Average price: 20 yuan

Bassetts Express

Bassetts Express.jpg

It is an excellent place to chill with delicious ice cream on a sweaty day. You can choose from a wide range of flavors to suit your preferences. They also serve a variety of cakes and a range of beverages.

Average price: 34 yuan

Magnum Pleasure Store

Magnum Pleasure Store.jpg

As a DIY ice cream store, you can create yourown magnum with white, dark and milk chocolate at the store. You can add some other ingredients like coconut, meringue, nuts, candy, coffee, cinnamon and so on. Choose your ice cream flavor and then select three toppings from a huge range like nuts, chocolate chips, fruit and more. You can also select the flavor of chocolate.

Average price: 26 yuan

One City, One Glass

A cup of ice cream.jpg

Located in Tianzifang,this small ice cream shop is best known for its luminous and egg roll ice creams. The luminous ice cream is a combination of ice cream, ice, soda water and fruit and is served in a cup. This refreshing treat looks especially gorgeous
at night.
Average price: 23 yuan



Here you can enjoy making your own ice cream. It has an immense selection of delicious flavors including chocolate and various fruity ones. This is the place for those who would like to release their inner artist and of course taste their masterpieces.
Average price: 28 yuan

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164