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Photographer captures city’s yoga practitioners
By Lynn Liu

Having practiced yoga for three years, Indonesian photographer Rosa Chen said the ancient practice has changed her life. “I became more confident and more peaceful,” she said to Shanghai Daily, adding that she used to be “very restrained.”

What’s more, the former Shangha-based product photographer has also turned her lens on other yoga enthusiasts around China. She has so far attended yoga festivals in Xiamen, Beijing, Urumqi in Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Hong Kong, as well as Indonesia. Supported by Y+ Yoga Studio and Yoga in China, she has also covered the yoga festival in Shanghai in May.


Chen was introduced to yoga by a friend and quickly fell in love with the practice, which she sees as a form of “self-healing.”

But despite her early interest, she doubted her ability to perform “asanas” — or yoga postures — everyday. Such concerns soon faded.

“I started to realize it’s a circular process, with ups and downs. All this negative energy, frustration and stress are what are projected into your mind,” she said. With yoga, she explained, “you learn not to push yourself — have a laugh at your mistakes, and let down the ego.”


She now practices yoga between 1 and 1.5 hours per day, doing sequences accordingly; such as heart-opening sequences to deal with sadness, and hip-opening sequences for frustration.

Shanghai Daily is delighted to share some of Chen’s photos. Check out more on her Wechat account: photoyography.

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