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Parker takes time off basketball to discuss music
By Zhang Yang

NBA star Tony Parker made his first appearance in Shanghai at last Saturday’s “Night Knight” party presented by M2 and Soundlife.

Parker has been named to six NBA All-Star games and was the 2007 NBA Finals MVP. His music talent is lesser known to the public.

"I started my music career in 2006. I just want to experience something different and have fun with it,” he told Shanghai Daily.

Parker has his own album called “TP,” which was released in 2007 and is in French, his native language.

"The album is about different sides of me, different parts of my life and what I went through. For example, ‘Premier Love’ is about my first love when I was 15 years old,”he said. “In my spare time, I listen to everything and it depends on my mood. I don’t have a favorite singer because I like everybody.”

When he was asked how he balances his basketball and music careers, Parker said basketball comes first.

His Spurs teammates Tim Duncan and Manu Ginóbili are free agents and can sign with other teams. “I hope that they will stay,” Parker said.



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