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Work up an appetite for these eating challenges
By Yoyo He and Zhang Yang

Who says there's no such thing as a free meal? As a canny foodie in Shanghai, there are always smart ways to score free meals in town. Learn about the ways you can eat out for free at restaurants, and be a savvy saver who knows those best things to do in Shanghai to work the system.

Yoyo He and Zhang Yang guide you on how to fill your tummy, keep your kitchen spotless and save you stacks of cash.

Yasmine's Steakhouse and Butcher Shop

 The European butchery has a huge range of different cuts from all over the world — juicy rib-eye steaks, lamb cuts, chicken, delicious pork chops and more.

This family friendly steakhouse offers Shanghai's biggest burger, a massive 3kg serving of beef and bun. Finish it and owner Henrik Hubschmann will pay for your meal. Take the challenge.


Challenge 1Devour a 3kg burger and save 268 yuan

Tips: Practice eating more

This monster burger contains an 800g imported beef patty, 6g bun, three fried eggs, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, Ketchup and mayonnaise. Each challenger has one hour to finish Yasmine’s Burger and show your clean plate to staff. Conditions: You must finish in one sitting, which means no toilet breaks or leaving your chair for any reason, and no standing. If you don’t finish within 60 minutes, you will be presented with a bill for 268 yuan.


Free flow soft drinks are offered during the challenge.

“Actually, the most important trick is practicing often and getting used to eating a lot before,” says Yasmine’s manager Steve. ”People always think starving themselves before trying to conquer this huge burger is the best strategy, but the opposite is true.”


Zhang Yang has wolfed down the burger within the allotted 60 minutes and didn’t have to pay one yuan for it.

The next challenge is to conquer a 2kg Devil steak. If you finish it alone, your name and picture are placed on the wall of fame in the restaurant and you receive 1,000 yuan.

The challenge 2Eat a 2kg Devil steak to save 888 yuan and win 1,000 yuan.

Tips: Practice eating more

This 2kg imported porterhouse steak is served with 10 pieces of baguette, along with double helpings of mashed potatoes, salad and coleslaw. The challenger must finish it within two hours to get the steak for free (it’s worth 888 yuan) and 1,000 yuan. If you don’t finish it within the allowed time, you will have to pay for it.


If you take the challenge, you cannot exchange or remove any ingredients included in the meal. Any sharing is counted as cheating and you will be disqualified and must pay.


Crazy Chicken Wings

Challenge: Conquer 10 skewers of super spicy chicken wings to save 80 yuan

Tips: Finish all at a dash, No break!

 This downtown market spot is a top-rated spot on Dianping.com, a local restaurant guide with reviews by Netizens. It’s best known for its super spicy, "BT" (short for perverted in Chinese) chicken wings. Try them if you dare, or opt for milder honey, salt and pepper, or the milk-flavored wings. If you can eat 10 skewers or more (two wings on each skewer) than you are free to leave without paying.


The chicken wings are smothered in a hot and spicy barbecue sauce few can handle.

“You shouldn’t take a break while eating otherwise you won’t be able to stand the extreme spicy taste in your mouth,” the owner Yingzi tell us. “Drinking ice water can help.”


Mr. Sweet

Challenge: Eat a 2kg shaved ice dessert to save 168 yuan and win 500 yuan

Tip: Stir well before eating

 Famous for its high-qualify sweets, this small dessert shop offers authentic Taiwanese milk tea, shaved ice desserts, pudding and white gourd tea. As the city is warming up, it’s a popular spot among those looking to cool off with sweets.


The signature sweet in the store is the 2kg frozen fruit sundae that costs 168 yuan. If one can finish it alone within 8 minutes, he or she doesn’t need to pay and wins 500 yuan.

IMG_6213 - 副本.jpg

“The trick is to stir everything in the bowl together before eating,” says owner John. “It can help to make it easier to eat and save time.”


Only one woman in Taiwan has successfully completed the challenge. Yoyo finishes half of the bowl in the given eight minutes and it takes her about 30 minutes to eat it all. Those who have serious gingivitis and dental problems should avoid this challenge.

Last but not least is a challenge without a time limit, although it is only available for our lucky draw winner.


Win a free meal, just one opportunity

No time limit, finish a 2kg plate of pork ribs to save 178 yuan, although it is only for our lucky draw winner.


This newly opened restaurant is famous for its off-the-bone pork ribs. The signature dish is the 2kg “Sticky Bones,” a plate of prime pork rib slowly baked and smoked for hours so that every rib is off the bone, juicy, tender and a little crunchy on the outside. It’s served with homemade BBQ sauce.


This is Morganfield’s first restaurant in shanghai and there are already long queues most days. Morganfield’s extensive menu contains more than 50 dishes including seafood, steaks, poultry, burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, appetizers and a variety of desserts.


[Lucky Draw] Now we are offering a chance to chow down 2kg of pork ribs. As long as one person can finish the platter — no time limit — then it will be free. Click HERE to win your chance!

未标题 new.jpg

Here Yoyo and Zhang Yang give it a try and take about 30 minutes to lick the platter clean. Our lucky draw winner will need to do it without sharing. Take this chance to get some of the best ribs in town for free. 

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