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Patsy Grimaldi’s gives pizza lovers another option
By Li Anlan

The menu includes everything to put a smile on a carnivore’s face along with several vegetarian options. Customers can even make their own pie by selecting the toppings.

The pizza is certainly not cheap — a signature 12-inch regular pizza with pepperoni and mushroom is 164 yuan (US$26) — and additional toppings cost 18 yuan to 28 yuan. The regular is the traditional tomato base with fresh mozzarella.

It’s more expensive than a lot of pizzerias and Italian bistros in Shanghai. A 12-inch pizza serves two, so adding some soft drinks and sides easily pushes the check beyond 300 yuan.

The pizza is tidy and organized with the toppings layered nicely. The thinly sliced mushroom is between the juicy pepperoni and melted cheese, creating a nice mix of textures in the mouth.


The crust is neither the Roman style thin crust nor very thick, it’s a fluffy, yet chewy crust without hard and dry edges.

The high quality mozzarella tastes quite fresh while adding arugula adds some crunchy bits with a slight bitterness to balance the taste.

For vegans, the marinara base is a great choice as it contains no cheese.

The pizzeria also serves calzones, generous portions of baked dough stuffed with cheese and meat. It comes with marinara sauce for dipping. A 12-inch calzone is 158 yuan.

A salad is a good companion with heavy dishes like pizza. Patsy Grimaldi’s offers a few, including the avocado salad (68 yuan). It’s a delightful dish with a generous portion. The avocado is served with grilled chicken breast, red peppers and cherry tomatoes. It comes with a mayonnaise-based dressing that has a slight balsamic finish. It’s served with a few garlic bread knots. For appetizers, the baked chicken wings with tartar sauce (38 yuan) is pretty decent. The serving includes four wings and the chicken is tender and juicy with a hint of spice.


The service is attentive, while sitting outside on the balcony on second floor, a waiter inside was able to come quickly and no need to go inside to ask for help.

Patsy Grimaldi’s beverage menu includes a selection of wines, beers, soft drinks and coffee. They do not make cocktails, which is a slight disappointment.

Patsy Grimaldi's

Tel: 6428-7775

Address: No. 24, Lane 320 Tianping Rd, inside Hengshan Fang

Average per person: 150 yuan

Opening hours: 11:30 am to 10:30 pm

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164