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Summer camps offer fun and valuable lessons
By Li Anlan

For students summer vacation is a special time of year. But without the routines of school, many parents worry about their children sitting idle for two months. For them, summer camps are a popular way to provide their kids with a stimulating, fun-filled holiday. There are several things to do for children in Shanghai this summer.

Across Changning District, the summer has been packed with a plethora of camps suited for children with vari- ous interests.

In Gubei the Mandarin Summer Camp returned for its 15th year last month. The camp included games, classes and field trips designed to help children make new friends and broaden their cultural horizons.

After an opening ceremony on July 6 at the Gubei Civic Center, the young campers took part in a class on the local Shanghai dialect. After lunch, they participated in an hour-long folk dancing class. This was followed by a science lesson where students learned how to build simple robots.

On July 8, a field trip brought campers to the Shang- hai Natural History Museum and a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant to experience inter- national food culture.

The week-long summer camp also featured bicycling, football and percussion instrument activities. It was open to children aged six to 14 and cost 600 yuan (US$96) per person.

Meanwhile, at Tianshan Middle School, the Chang- ning Campus Football League Summer Camp ran from July 10 to 17.

A total of 264 students from seven primary schools and five middle schools joined
20 coaches and teachers in the eight-day sports training program.


The head coach of the summer camp, Liu Bin, was assisted by 10 professional football players.

Each day, campers took part in short matches and skill training exercises. The aspiring players were also taken to watch an international invita- tional match.

This was the second time Changning’s campus football league hosted the camp.

The Shanghai Youth Center of Science and Technology Education’s Changning branch hosted a science summer camp on July 2.

Some 30 students with a passion for science and technology spent a day on East China Normal University’s campus in Minhang and visited biology and chemistry workstations.

The campers first learned how to capture insect specimens, which were then classified. They were later taken on a tour of the cen- ter’s biology museum, which features thousands of animal and plant specimens, includ- ing rare species such as the giant panda and the Chinese alligator.


The second part of the one- day camp involved a trip to a chemistry lab, where students of all ages learned about the periodic table, minerals and new fuel sources. They also got a chance to conduct some experiments of their own.

The Tianshan neighborhood community also hosted a sum- mer camp for the children of migrant workers.

For many migrants, summer vacation means either leaving their children at home alone or bringing them along to work.

To keep these children oc- cupied, and ease the burden on their parents, Tianshan community members started a summer education program that included classes on his- tory, science and technology. Field trips were arranged as well, with groups of students visiting an organic farm and a special exhibition celebrating the victory of World War II.

District education au- thorities also organized a parent-child interactive event at the Shanghai Sheshan Children’s Camp in Songjiang District, where families gath- ered together to engage in a series of activities designed to spread knowledge about waste sorting and fire safety, among other topics. 

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