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Summer activities to beat the heat
By Yoyo He and Zhang Yang

With the mercury pretty much at its summer peak, many will be looking for things to do in Shanghai as some cool options. That means water, but jumping into the Huangpu River or Suzhou Creek is definitely not an option. But Shanghai does offer numerous activities to help you beat that nasty heat. Check out the things to do in Shanghai in summer. 


Go fishing at Shanghai Binhai Forest Park    

Lure Road at Shanghai Binhai Forest Park is modeled on the natu- ral ecology of an East China Sea beach and is one of the best spots in the city to go fishing.

Founded in 2014 by a group of fishing enthusiasts including Lu Yun, a champion angler who has won competitions in France, Lure Road allows anglers to try their luck catching jewfish, snakehead and mandarin fish.

The main species to catch is bass imported from California. The fish have an average body length of 30 centimeters. Giant erythroculter ilishaeformis and black carp can also be hooked fairly easily. All you need is to bait-up, cast your line and wait for something juicy to bite.

Coaches are on site to provide guidance to those new to fishing. Entry-level training courses and basic fishing gear are also avail- able. The course includes how to pick the appropriate bait, matching a hook to the bait, how to attach the bobber above your line, and how to handle the fish you catch. 

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Wave pool and water slides    

Playa Maya Water Park is in the southwest part of Shanghai Happy Valley Theme Park.

It has nearly 40 aquatic facilities — most of which have been awarded best water recreation facility by the International Travel Association.

It also has a big wave pool in the world with waves as high as 3.5 meters. Giant Beast Bowl is a water slide with a total vertical drop of 123 meters while the Big Octopus Slide stretches down from a 17.6-meter- tall tower. Most of these facilities are only suitable for visitors taller than 1.3 meters. There are various exotic performances and interactive games. Shuttle buses operate between the Metro station and water park. 

Maya Water PArk by Zhang Suoqing.JPG

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Yacht showroom    

Azimut benetti, a maker of yachts, has signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai International Port Group in Shanghai. Azimut Benetti set up its first private showroom and a VIP club in China with SIPG. The showroom houses various models and booklets, offering a concise guide to those potential yacht buyers and renters. The club is a perfect place for those customers to discuss about the busi- ness and relax.

Azimut Benetti boasts an extensive sales network for yachts and mega-yachts with offices around the world. 


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Scuba dive with sharks and manta rays    

Big Blue Scuba Diving Interna- tional is a diving training facility in the city that offers many great diving experiences for those interested.
Big Blue employs a number of certified divers from around the world.

The club offers would-be adven- turers shark diving at Shanghai Ocean Aquarium.

The idea of scuba diving among sharks, sea turtles and manta rays in the middle of Shanghai certainly has an appeal, and it beats a day on the couch watching the Discovery Channel.

Would-be divers meet the Big Blue trainers at the facility for an introduction and are then driven to the aquarium to start their adventure. 


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Muse pool party every Sunday    

Relax and cool off at one of the biggest pool parties in town. Muse is throwing pool parties every Sunday at Yifeng Galleria with a panorama view of the Bund until September. A barbecue, music, cocktails, friends and a great pool make for a refreshing change from the heat. The pool is open 3-9pm and entrance is free. There are
DJs spinning tunes until the sun goes down. Pack you swimsuit and towel, come on down and order your favorite cocktail and splash the day away. 


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Jinshan City Beach along Hangzhou Bay

In Shanghai, hitting the beach usually means Jinshan City Beach in suburban Jinshan District,
just north of Hangzhou Bay.

The beach, following three years of construction, has become a popular spot every summer. In 2007, the area got an extensive face-lift with the con- struction of a 3.3km-long, 5.4m-high dam to enclose 1.5 square kilometers of sea and ensure cleaner water.

A large children’s zone was launched this summer. New rides such as a pirate ship and giant swings are now open. Day-trippers will still be able to hire a yacht or motor boat and go fishing. Another 10,000 tons of sand have been added, as have wooden beach chairs to make things more comfortable. An electronic monitoring system has also been set up so that if an emergency occurs, rescuers will be alerted immediately. 

Jinshan City Beach.jpg

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