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Cub reporters learn basics of journalism
By Jiang Xinhua

Shanghai Daily’s Student Reporter Training Camp provided nearly 80 kids an opportunity to learn how a newspaper is produced. They were also given a chance to tour two companies and interview employees as they learned the ropes of being a reporter.


Starting with a journalism class taught by Shanghai Daily chief reporter Wang Yanlin, the cub reporters learned the basics of being a journalist and how to take good news photos.

Wang listed the “ABCs” of raising questions during interviews — “A” for active, “B” for brave and “C” for clever. The Q&A session proved popular with the youngsters raising questions one after another. Some were about writing skills and others were about newspaper editing. They also received a reporter’s notebook before heading out to do their own interviews.

After visiting Shanghai Daily’s newsroom, they were taken to Shanghai Yakult Co Ltd in Jiading District. Most of them have drunk Yakult numerous times, however, few knew the beverage contains lactobacilli, which is effective in killing harmful bacteria within the intestines. They also were shown a cartoon video about lactobacilli and how it works.


Next up was a chance to interview employees from Yakult. They asked questions about the history of Yakult, its ingredients and the difference between Yakult and yoghurt.

“I found the sparkling lights in these children’s eyes. The questions they posed were professional and they are very active and think quickly,” said a staff member surnamed Jin.

The company was established in 1935 by doctor Minoru Shirota, who became the first to successfully strengthen and culture a strain of lactobacilli, which is now known as Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota. He and some volunteers then developed the inexpensive and tasty beverage so that people could benefit from the bacteria strain, which reaches the intestines alive and promotes intestinal health.


After the interview, the youngsters visited Yakult’s modern production lines, including where bacteria are cultured, the mixing room, quality control room and packing area. The quality control room was especially popular as they saw how taste, appearance and microbe tests are conducted. They also enjoyed seeing the bottles of Yakult emerge from the assembly line, using their notebooks to jot down all the details they found interesting.

Their next stop was Wall’s (China) Co Ltd Taicang Branch in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province. Having a chance to tour a company that makes a variety of ice cream products proved irresistible and the cub reporters were extremely curious to see how Cornetto and Magnum bars were made.

Employees from the factory showed a video of the brand’s history and safety tips before touring the production line.


The Q&A session raised questions such as, “How many kinds of ice cream do you have?” “Where do you keep the ice cream?” and “Do you work during the winter?”

A Wall’s employee surnamed Hu said it was an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone involved.

“It was really interesting to be interviewed by these children, who are very serious and professional,” Hu said.


Jerry Ding

My dream is to become a professional reporter because they are very cool and can see lots of new things. After I visited Shanghai Daily’s newsroom, I learned that the high technology makes editors and reporters work more efficiently.

Matthew Liu

The video of Yakult showed the effect of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota and it also tells us how to maintain intestinal health. The Q&A part was so great that I got to learn what I wanted to know about Yakult. And I received a gift.

Jerry Jiang

The best part of today was visiting the production line at the Wall’s factory. With the explanation by professional staff, I learned where to keep the nitrogen gas and what the staff do during the offseason of ice cream. These were questions I used to think about many times and now I know. It was a very helpful and memorable trip.

Max Lu

At Yakult I drank one bottle and watched the interesting cartoon video. The production line was very well organized and professional. And now I also know the importance of keeping a healthy body.

Luke Cheng

I liked the Yakult production line the best. The combination of machines, robots and staff makes the work more efficient. The packing robot arms are really fancy.

Boham Feng

I learned the essential things to carry when reporters are doing interviews. I need a notebook, pen, camera, voice recorder, phone and money.

Now I also know how the reporters, editors, designers and online editors work together.

Skyey Wu

I like eating ice cream very much. Today has been a great opportunity to learn the story behind ice cream. By the way, I am a fan of “green tongue,” a Wall’s product.

Ling Guo

I used to be very shy about asking questions. After the camp, I learned the skill of raising questions and feel more confident in talking to other people.

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