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Where to go for stargazing in Shanghai?
By Li Anlan

TO observe the stars, you need to get out of downtown Shanghai and find a site away from city lights and pollution.

Before heading out, check the latest hourly weather forecast to ensure that no cloud cover is forecast in the area.

If you are stargazing while camping out, it’s important to stay in designated zones that are safe.

Meteor showers, many stars and sometimes planets can be observed with the naked eye. You don’t need expensive equipment to enjoy the wonders of the galaxy.

Here are five destinations that are excellent for stargazing and not too far out of town.


West Sheshan Mountain 西佘山

Sheshan Mountain contains the only natural forest reserve remaining in Shanghai. The western part of the mountain is the highest point in Shanghai at a mere 100 meters elevation.

The Sheshan Observatory on top of the west mountain is one of the oldest astronomical sites in China. During periods of frequent meteor showers, people throng here to watch the celestial spectacle.

The binocular telescope at the observatory is the oldest in China. It was brought here from France in 1898.

Admission: Free

Nanhuizui Park and Dishui Lake 南汇嘴观海公园和滴水湖

Nanhuizui Park, located in the southeast corner of Shanghai, is away from the city center and shielded from light pollution. It’s one of the few places in Shanghai where you can see the Milky Way in all its glory on a clear night.

Dishui Lake affords a vast, open view of the sky. The water is clear, and you can camp here for that pleasure of sleeping under the stars.

Admission: Free

Chongming Dongtan Wetland Park 崇明东滩湿地公园

The Dongtan Wetland Park is another ideal location for stargazing. The park operates a campground during the summer months.

Admission: 50 yuan (US$7.8) on weekdays, 80 yuan on weekends.

Camping costs 128 yuan per person, 188 yuan for two.

Coastal Fengxian District 奉贤海滨

This is a popular destination for people who want to observe stars and take photos. Its skies are free of light and pollution, and it’s a bonus to hear the sea lapping the shoreline while gazing skyward.

Admission: Free

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