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Sights to see in shanghai

1.    The bund of shanghai, Waitan in Chinese, is a good sight to see at night. Standing here you can see a row of skyscrapers opposite the river which are bright alight with numerous and colorful lights. In early summer, the cozy air ruffles the surface of the river, blurring the colorful reflections of the buildings. The ships carrying the visitors slide silently and occasionally the sirens come far away. It’s definitely a great chance to see a modern Shanghai here.


2.    Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. There are kinds of stores and great shopping malls on this street. Here you can buy the most fashionable clothes of the season and luxury cosmetics or you can get comfortable and cheap things. Besides, the famous chained food store, Shanghai First Foodmall, also has a branch here where you can taste various Chinese pastries, candied fruit, soybean curd, jerkies, fried stuffed bun, vermicelli soup made of duck meat, etc.. If you come to Shanghai now, you will find a round shaped pastry occupying many food stores which I believe you have guessed is the Chinese moon cake because Mid-autumn festival is coming. The moon cake can be stuffed with kinds of ingredients and have salty or sweet flavors. 


3.    Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower. It’s the highest in Asia and the third highest in the world. The structure of the tower consists of 11 spheres, different in sizes and arranged at different levels, hanging from the sky down to the green lawns which is shaped like “pearls, big and small, dropping on a jade plate”. The body of the tower is formed of two huge glittering spheres and one small delicate sphere; the sightseeing level in the upper sphere is 45 meters in circumference, 263 meters high, offering a bird’s-eye view of the city. In the upper sphere at the 267-meters level, there is a revolving restaurant, with one revolution every hour, a disco ball, a piano accompanied bar and at the 271-meters level there are 20 KTV private rooms. The space cabin is at a level of 350 meters, containing a sightseeing terrace, a meeting hall and a coffee room. Hotel in the Air is in the five smaller spheres with 20 guest rooms. The lower sphere contains a space city. There is a science fiction city inside the tower pedestal. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower combines sightseeing, catering, shopping, recreation, accommodation, broadcasting and TV transmission into one body. It has become a symbolic architecture and a favorable spot for tourists in Shanghai. 


4.    Tianzi Fang. It’s located on Lane 210, Taikang Road. The name Tianzifang is given by a pianist Huang Yongyu and named after Tian Zifang, an ancient pianist. Twenty years ago, it is just an ordinary road, but it gradually becomes an interesting place with the art flavor after the investment from government and more and more artists are based here. The artists modified the deserted warehouse here and make it Chinese Soho community. 


5.    Shanghai Old Temple, Chenghuang Temple in Chinese. It’s the one of the oldest temples that has been preserved well until now. Chenghuang is a god that can protect the city and the nation in Chinese culture. Near the old temple there are many snacks like fried salt and pepper crab, fried stinky Tofu. There are also many shops that sell traditional clothes, calligraphy works, traditional drawings etc. 


Of course there are more than these five sights to see and explore in Shanghai. And then you will totally be in love with this charming oriental city.

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