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Things to do in Shanghai at night

After a day's sightseeing you may need a good rest to be ready for next day's exploration. If you have a tight and full travel agenda, the night is a good time to enjoy a different but the same spectacular view of Shanghai. There are plenty of things to do in Shanghai at night.

You can go to the bund at night. Standing along the bank of Huangpu River, you can see a long line of buildings opposite the river which are decorated with beautiful and colorful lights, showing a modern, vigorous and prosperous image of this city. Waibaidu Bridge, also called the Garden Bridge in English, is near the bund. It has more than a hundred years' history and is the first all-steel bridge in China. Its elegant body design is stressed with colorful and changing lights at night. With the new advanced technology, the old bridge never stops to impress the visitors. After visiting the wonderful bridge, you can go to Huaihai Road. It's said to be the most beautiful, modern, stylish shopping street in Shanghai. And in fact it's worth the reputation. Here among the massive and characteristic buildings live numerous international top-end brands. If you like luxury and are obsessed with fashion, this place is just what you are looking for. You can also go to the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street to enjoy the old spectacular European architecture along the street.  


There are other things to do in Shanghai, maybe after a day's tour you want to have some drinks in the bar and have a proper talk with your friends, exchanging the funny things during the tour. If so you can go to Hengshan Road. There are numerous bars clustered here, big or small, noisy or quiet, each with unique charm. The interior designs of these bars are always consisting with the bars’ theme. You can try each one if you have enough time!

In addition, I also have several fantastic bars to introduce to you. The first one is Judystoo which is one of the oldest bars opened in Shanghai and is still famous among the fun-seekers. Here you can drink great German bear and enjoy the fantastic music played by a black band. Its address is 176 South Maoming Road. The second one is Babyface, located on 180 South Maoming Road  where you can have a lot of fun. You cannot imagine how bustling and crazy inside from the small door outside. In the middle of the bar is a bar counter where people can sit around it. Further in you will see a small dancing floor, where you can hit other people if you dance movement is too crazy. But this body touch will amazingly shorten the distance between the strangers. The music in Babyface is fast and stimulates you to dance all the time. It's definitely a place which you cannot miss.


Shanghai is a city that blends the oriental mysterious beauty with the modern sharp western culture. You can see the senior people dance in the square at night or you can have a crazy time in the bars. For what things to do here, it’s up to you!

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