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Look for the old days in Shanghai

There are many places worth to visit in addition to the well-known attractions, like the bund, the Oriental TV Tower, etc.. Some places are not that famous but they have the same beauty as others and won’t let you down. Following are some obscure attractions worth a try. In those places you are more near the old days in Shanghai

Shanghai Mansion Hotel

Shanghai mansion hotel is the first urban cultural heritage classical hotel in China. It’s built in 1932 and designed by a French designer. This building blends the elegance of French and the modesty of eastern architecture style. Shanghai was once referred to as the Eastern Paris and here you could feel the glory of the old shanghai. Inside the hotel, over 300 authentic historical pieces are displayed in the hall.


Add: 82 Xinle Rd.
Transportation: take metro line 1 and get off at South Shanxi Road

Menghua Street

This street has over one hundred’ history and almost never changed. People still live in the old houses. Here you can experience plain old shanghai life. In the evening, the street bathes in the yellow glow, making a good opportunity for photos.


Transportation: take metro line 8 and get off at Laoximen station

Shanghai Chedun Film Base

In the film base you could see the old tram and the rickshaw. You can have a walk on the old traditional Nanjing Street, visit the old shikumen buildings, taste the traditional snacks, and enjoy the traditional circus shows. Besides you can also try horse-riding here. You can even see the old Catholic Church, middle aged wine fields and the European buildings of different styles.


Add : 4915 Beisong highway Chendun Town Songjiang district
Transportation: take metro line 1 and get off at Lianhua Road station and then transfer to bus Lianshi line and get off at Chedun station

Duolun Road

There are many old buildings on Duolun Street. Because many famous writers in china have lived here, it is also called “the major and famous district of modern literature”. Walking on the street and visiting the old buildings, you could still feel the street laden with literature atmosphere.


Transportation: take metro line 8 and get off at Hongkou Football Stadium station

Shanyin Road

Many famous writers have lived on this street. The street is narrow and seldom has busy transportation. In summer, the big trees hide the street from the sun. China’s famous writer Lu Xun and Qu Qiubai have lived here. Yang Dechang, a famous Taiwan director and his wife Cai Qin had come here to look for their former residence. There are many beautiful and warm stories happening here.


Transportation: take metro line 8 and get off at Hongkou Football Stadium station

These places above are not famous attractions. When you ask others what to see in Shanghai, they probably won’t come up with these places. However they are neither noisy nor commercial. You can still see the old days’ life going on here. If you like, you would always find stories hiding behind each house. If you really want to get a picture of the old days in shanghai and feel the traditional culture, these places are perfect options.

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