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7017 Shiku delivers scrumptious Jiande cuisine
By Chehui Peh and Pasty Yang

7017 Shiku leaves customers with a belly full of spicy, irresistible goodies that leave you wanting more.

Serving Jiande cuisine with a slight twist, 7017 was born out of Wenzhou entrepreneur Zhuo Xiaofan’s chance encounter at a restaurant near Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang. Zhou loved it so much he brought back the concept and the food to his first restaurant in Hangzhou.

In Shanghai, this slightly upscale restaurant is designed by Baptiste Bohu, who made the space feel like a home. Originally the restaurant space was completely open and felt a tad cold. Bohu added partitions in order to divide the space and make it more personal while keeping the grand impression.


Bohu has used some Brooklyn loft elements such as black iron and reclaimed wood to create contrasts with gold and stainless steel. He has also played with geometric patterns on the walls and the floors, using traditional French chevron, or v-shaped, patterns.

A specialty at this 150-seat restaurant is The Neighboring Table's Chopped Chili Fish Head (88 yuan/US$13.8). The fiery flavor leaves a tingly feeling on the tongue and it’s highly recommended.

For other meaty dishes the steamed chicken (78 yuan) features crispy skin on the outside with moist and chewy meat on the inside. It is a complimentary dish to the signature fried rice (15 yuan).


For side dishes, the sliced radish stir-fried with chicken heart (28 yuan), and honeyed pumpkin (16 yuan) are particularly good. But do not forget to try the most unforgettable dish here, the dragon fruit ice cream (15 yuan). The flavor closely resembles the tropical fruit with a hint of lemongrass. It is Shiku’s biggest surprise. 

Beware of the alcoholic offerings here because falling in love with the home-brewed rice wines and beers is a possibility.
The glutinous rice wine (19 yuan) is sweet and balanced, leaving a nice aftertaste. The 7017 Beer (10 yuan), specially brewed by Qingdao, is also a good alternative for beer fans.

Come with a hearty appetite and a stomach ready for drinking because the chefs here do not joke when it comes to fattening customers up for the fall weather.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164