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Best time to visit Shanghai

Shanghai displays different beauty in each season. But generally the best travelling time to visit Shanghai is in spring from March to May and in autumn from September to November. 

In spring, the nature revives from the cold and harsh winter. Everything is tinted with light color. The thin soft willow branches wave gently in the spring breeze above the water like a woman sways her body lightly to the song. The trees and grass are blooming and sprouting. In March the peach flower festival is held in Nanhui district when you could appreciate the pink peach flowers in full bloom together with the folk performances. Meanwhile the cherries in the Gucun Park and the tulips in Shanghai Flowers Port are blooming. So it's a rather pleasant season to plan an outing to these places and appreciate the beautiful flowers with your friends or family. The autumn arrives with the leaves turning to red gradually and it's the best time to taste the Chinese mitten crab, also known as hairy crab when the richness, thickness and taste of the crab butter, the crab fat and the crab meat reach the highest. 



Please be warned that during the time periods like April 5 (the Tombs Sweeping Day), early May and early October, the traffic around Shanghai will be very terrible and many attractions will be crowded with people. It’s wise to avoid these time periods when you make a travel plan to Shanghai. 

The rainy season, commonly called plum rain usually spans from early June to middle July. And Shanghai is frequently attacked by typhoon with heavy wind and torrential rain. Please remember to take umbrella with you when travelling during these periods.


There are various festivals held each year in Shanghai. Travelling to Shanghai during the festivals you are interested in will be more fun.

Shanghai Peach Flower Festival

Nanhui district is a hot attraction for appreciating the peach flowers. In March and April, tens of thousands of acres of peach blossoms attract the people to come. You can not only see the beautiful peach flowers but also enjoy various activities organized in Nanhui Taohuacun and nearby Shanghai Flowers Port, Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

Date: March and April

Shanghai International Film Festival

Shanghai International Film Festival was founded in 1993 and is the first international film festival in China. Lots of excellent films will display on this festival. If you are a big film fan, you cannot miss it. 

Date: in June and lasting for 9 days

Lantern Festival’s Temple Fair in Shanghai Chenghuang Temple

During the temple fair, the temple will be decorated with colorful lights shaped in various figures like rising dragon, running lion and flying birds. In the temple fair you will experience the joyful atmosphere and traditional Chinese culture.

Date: around Lunar calendar January 15

Shanghai New Year’s Eve Countdown Activity on the Bund

A spectacular 4D light projection show will be held on the New Year’s Eve to mark the coming of a new year together with other activities. 

Of course those “best time periods” for travelling are not accurately correct and only for reference because there are many people prefer travelling to Shanghai in summer and winter. It’s most important to make your own travel plan that suits you best. 

Date: Dec 31

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