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Vietnamese cuisine is easy to find
By Zhang Yang and Yoyo He

Vietnam remains mysterious to many Chinese even though it is on China’s southern border. The country boasts some wonderful landscapes, including the Mekong River. At the same time Vietnam has great cuisine. Here are some Vietnamese restaurants worth trying. Zhang Yang and Yoyo He guide.

Aniseed Pho

It offers a true Vietnamese eatery. The food here is not only flavorful, but also healthy and fresh. Aniseed’s pho is homemade and natural. They use fresh cattle bones and tails to make the broth, which is simmered for 12 hours. Don’t forget to try the Vietnamese vermicelli here. Add the chef’s homemade fish sauce to your choice of pork or beef, crushed peanuts and some mixed vegetables. Oh yeah, it’s good. Real good.

Aniseed Pho2.jpg

LA Pho

Located at Starlight Mall in Hongqiao, it doesn’t offer authentic Vietnamese pho. It markets itself as a casual place that serves the most popular pho dishes among the Vietnamese communities in Los Angeles. The signature dish, LA’s house special pho, comes with raw beef slices, beef balls, brisket, tripe and tendon. The chef’s favorite ingredient is Sriracha, a popular chili sauce beloved by both Americans and Vietnamese. In addition, the Vietnamese grilled steak cubes on rice is also worth a try. The glutinous rice with toppings of tender steak cubes, raw onion, cucumber and tomato offers a classic Vietnamese taste.

LA Pho2.jpg

Pho Sizzling

On the west side of Wujiang Road, this Vietnamese restaurant comes with a French twist. The food here is Vietnamese with Western influences and the menu is not limited to pho, but also includes several well done Western-style Vietnamese dishes. Signature dishes like Adventurer’s Choice pho and raw beef pho are recommended. Stir slices of raw beef into the tasty broth to get very tender meat. The vermicelli which is drizzled with a tangy fish sauce is another winner. The chef’s sizzling plate with diced beef in a tomato-based sauce is also tough to ignore.

Pho Sizzling2.jpg

Pho Real

This Vietnamese joint on Fuxing Road is one of the most handsomely designed restaurants of its kind in town. It stands out for its authentic and original food, clean, distinctive interior and an extensive menu. The main focus on the menu is Vietnamese noodle soup. Traditional Vietnamese spring rolls are another option and is served with cold noodles, chopped chili and fresh herbs such as basil and mint. The a-la-carte menu has a lot to offer, including appetizers, salads, specialty vegetables, noodle soups, cold vermicelli and all kinds of deserts.

Pho Real2.jpg

Flower and Moon

Located in the Gubei area, it serves Vietnamese and Taiwanese cuisines. The place has a rural theme with some artwork on the walls. Vietnamese Pho is a signature dish. The soup is boiled with beef and bones. A spoon of sweet soy sauce or chili sauce makes it taste even better. Sugarcane shrimp is another recommended dish. Peeled shrimps are grilled on sugarcane skewers. The restaurant has free wifi and an open-air dining space.

Flower and Moon.jpg


Found on Mengzi Road, it specializes in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. “Midiaw” is Thai for rice noodles. Mi is for rice and diaw is similar to diamond and is a metaphor for the pursuit of food quality. The broth is made with beef bone, dried orange peels, fennel and more. The hot and sour chicken wings are also a big draw here. The roasted chicken wings and the special sour sauce make a good combination. Vietnamese shrimp rice paper rolls are another highlight. Fresh shrimp is wrapped in the rolls and served with lemons and lettuce.


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