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Moose serves up some wonderful local cuisine
By Cindy Jiang

Moose is a newly opened Chinese restaurant set in a three-story villa on Xinhua Road.

Owner Iris Lin says she was studying in London and missed Shanghainese cuisine so much that she knew she had to open a restaurant.

“Although I want the food to be both authentic and creative, I wanted the interior decor to be a fusion of East and West,” Lin said. “Moose, to me, means peace, grace and forceful.”

Executive chef Paul Zhu has 27 years of experience with Huaiyang cuisine. It’s one of China’s biggest sub-categories of cuisine and which Shanghainese food is lumped into.

The menu currently offers three signature duck dishes that are both yummy and nutritional. Duck meat is considered beneficial to the health in the autumn under TCM.

The “Eight Treasures Gourd Duck” uses a 1.75kg duck with flawless skin. First, the chef separates the duck meat and bones, and keeps it whole. Then the duck is marinated with salt, white spirit, scallions and ginger for 30 minutes. Next it’s stuffed with “eight treasures” — Chinese chestnut, pork, abalone, bamboo shoots, mushroom, ham, ginkgo and glutinous rice.


After making the duck into a gourd shape it is coated with a layer of soya sauce and cooked in a pot with taro and seasonings for three-and-a-half hours. This dish need to be reserved one day in advance and costs 188 yuan (US$29.6).

Shaoxing wine duck (158 yuan) and Beijing roasted duck (268 yuan per duck) make nice alternatives for those craving duck. You can order the chef to cook the duck bone in fried or soup.

The dried sea grass yellow croaker (128 yuan) features big pieces of boneless fried fish. The cold crab seasoned with ginger and red vinegar is also worth trying.

Another highlight is the matsutake chrysanthemum cup. The tofu is cut carefully into threads and looks like a blooming chrysanthemum. It’s served in a delicious chicken and ham broth.

For dessert, the gorgon fruit seed cooked with sweetened osmanthus, longan and lily root is a nice way to satisfy the sweet tooth without over doing it.

Moose also features an oyster bar on the first floor with imported mollusks. The largest guest room on the second floor can hold up to 16 people. Two open air balconies are ideal for afternoon tea as they have nice garden views. The whisky and cigar bar on the top floor is a good place to relax.

The whisky collection includes Balvenie, Glenlivet and Yamazaki, the owner’s favorite. The cigar menu includes Romeo Y Julieta, Montecristo and Cohiba.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164