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A fresh seafood feast to get you through winter
By Cindy Jiang

With the solar calendar recently rolling over into winter, it’s high time to start storing up some nutrition for the spring.

With a 15-year history of making creative Cantonese cuisine, Noble Sea- food Restaurant is offering a nourishing autumn set for 286 yuan (US$45) this November.

The set comes with an appetizer course featuring chestnut tofu with bonito gel, crab roe with fresh fried guoba, a small square of deep-fried rice and a bamboo shoot wrapped with Spanish ham.

“Right now there is still a chance for people to taste the foods which are about to leave the market,” said Lu Yongcai, a chef of the restaurant with 25 years of cooking experience.

Before the main course, a cup of apricot juice soup warms your body and prom- ises to relieve autumn dryness. Stewed with chicken, ham, pork, fish bones and scallops for six hours, the soup also whets your appetite for the later dishes.

Next, salmon and saury sashimi sea- soned with chopped ginger and scallions offer you the freshest tastes from the sea. Afterward comes a hearty shark-bone soup stewed with bamboo fungus.

The set’s main course features crab meat, crab roe and quill egg, which guests mix in a scalding-hot stone pot with ginger and vinegar.

Every cup of crab roe and meat are taken from three female crabs which weigh around 500 grams. “We use female crabs to make this dish because they have delicate and fragrant flesh, plump and tasty roe, and rich oil,” said chef Lu.

Seafood fans will also not want to miss the abalone cooked with moss, pan-fried codfish and seafood porridge prepared with shrimp, octopus, clams and scallops.

Last but not least, there’s dessert. Chef Lu serves up pumpkin dotted with pine nuts, sweet osmanthus cheese cake, and ice cream.

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