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Nice western restaurants in Shanghai

Nowadays restaurants keep evolving. Some of them not only provide delicious food but also deliver impressive multi-sensory dining experience to the guests. For them, food becomes just one part of their art creation. Dining here not only your taste but your whole senses will be evoked and satisfied. Some restaurants win people's heart by their tasty food and ingenious decoration. In the following part, I will introduce some nice west restaurants of this kind in Shanghai to you.

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

This restaurant only accepts booking on their website and only serves one table one day! So it's 100% tailored! On the appointed dining day, a van will take you to the restaurant which is somewhere in Shanghai, creating a mysterious atmosphere and triggers your curiosity and expectation for the food, chef and everything of the restaurant. From here you embark on the exciting and multi-sensory food adventure. After arriving at the restaurant, you find the room very silent with nothing and no one except of a table of several seats. Suddenly a huge sound utters in your ear, and then the lights are off, a dead silence. After a while a few lights shine in. You can see the table and the chef, and your first course appears...there is a story behind every course which is accompanied by a piece of music, a specific scent and some lights... dining here will provide a utterly different and impressive dining experience to you.


Price: around RMB5000 per person


Coquille Seafood Bistro

This cozy French restaurant serves fresh seafood and French bistro classic dishes and has been rated one of the best French restaurants in Shanghai by many magazines and websites since it opened in 2014. Courses of crispy frog legs, oysters, half-roasted baby chicken and grilled rack of lamb are very popular among the guests.


Address: 29 Mengzi Lu, Luwan District
Price: about RMB600 per person


Franck Bistrot

This is also a French restaurant of bistrot culture. In a bistrot, you can always have informal chats with your friends and have a good laugh. It is located on Wukang Road and is surrounded by art galleries and fashion stores. On stepping into Franck, you will find the menu written on a chalkboard in French. The waiters would be very happy to explain the dishes if you are not familiar with French. On the menu, "La Terrine de campagne", the homemade pate mixed with duck, pork, chicken liver, spices – and a Chef secret twist, is a best-seller. In this cozy and light-hearted atmosphere, it's a very good place for relaxing and gatherings.


Address: 376 Wukang Road, Xuhui district
Price: around RMB550 per person



At Osteria, you are going to enjoy the food of authentic Italian flavor prepared with heart and soul. The food here is made with fresh high quality ingredients. Here you can have an informal dining experience and relax yourselves with your friends and family. By the way, Osteria in Shanghai is very famous for its oysters. You must not miss it if you come here!


Address: 226 Jinxian Road, Luwan district
Price: around RMB500 per person 

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164