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Take the Shanghai and to feel the speed of China

Shanghai maglev train line starts from west Longyang road station, which is on the Shanghai Rail Transit line 2. This 29.863-km-long line is extended eastward to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It is regarded as the fastest commercial train in the world . With a maximum speed of 431 km/h under the normal operation, the train can reach a speed of 350 km/h in 2 minutes.  During a test run on 12 November 2003, the vehicle achieved a top speed of 501km/h, which currently stands as the speed record for Maglev train vehicles. The Shanghai Maglev train project took 10 billion yuan and 2.5 years to complete the 30.5 km track. The journey takes no more than 8 minutes to complete the distance of 30 km.

Shanghai maglev route starts from Shanghai's Longyang Road subway station and ends at Pu dong International Airport. The first train from Long yang Road subway station starts at 6:45 as the last one starts at 21:40, during the operation period, there are 15 minute intervals between 6:45 to 17:00, 20 minute intervals between 17:00 to 21:00, and 40 minute intervals between 21:00 to 21:40. In the opposite direction, the first train from Pudong International Airport starts at 7:02 and the last one starts at 21:42. Meanwhile you could check the shanghai maglev timetable so as to not miss the train. If you want to take it, you can go to Long yang Road by metro line 2, bus 983, bus 976, bridge line 5, bridge line 6 and Shen Jiang line.

Passengers can buy tickets on the day they take the train. The Shanghai maglev tickets are available at Long Yang Rode Station Ticket Center or the Pu dong International Airport Ticket Center. The tickets to economic seat for single- and round-trip are 50 RMB and 80 RMB , while the VIP ones are 100 RMB and 160 RMB. Once the valid certificates like airplane tickets or boarding pass arriving or departing Pu dong international airport have been showed to the staff in ticket offices, the passengers can get 20% off discount tickets. To take the train, Each adult is allowed to bring one child under 1.2 meter free of charge, and children of or above 1.2 meters shall buy full-price tickets.

When you need take the Shanghai maglev train, it is necessary to have some knowledge of how to take it. Similar to the procedure of taking the airplane and the train, you should board the maglev train at least 5minutes before its departure, otherwise you should wait for the next one. Once you get to the maglev train station, the first thing is to buy the ticket, then follow the sign to pass through the ticket entrance, and get to the platform on the 3rd floor by the escalator. Then you will see the train track, what you need to do next is to wait behind the safety line. As the train coming, you can get on it after showing your ticket to the attendants. Once onboard, please find your seat, quickly put your belongings in proper place and sit down. Then, just for a few minutes, you can arrive at your destination. Also note that smoking is not allowed in the carriage and on arrival. Please follow the attendant’s instruction to get off the train . There also are some tips you might need. First of all, please keep your tickets for passing both the entrance and exit gate. The tickets will be collected at your final exit. Secondly, please keep your tickets clean and unfolded, they shall be invalid once damaged, and your boarding will be denied .

Nowadays, the Maglev has ready become a must-doing thing for tourists. If you need to reach the Pu dong airport in a short time from Shanghai city district, the maglev train will be the best choice to arrive at your destination. It is connected with Shanghai Metro Line 2, which has a stop at Long yang Station. You will have a nice trip by taking Shanghai maglev train.


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