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Hearty, meaty, Germany

When Western cuisine is mentioned, most of us immediately think about Italian pasta or French fine dining. German dishes don’t really cross our mind rand yet Germany’s culinary culture is more than just beer. Shanghai Daily’s Zhang Yang and Yoyo He have found Shanghai’s best restaurants to savor the hearty and meatheavy dishes that dominate dinner tables in Germany.


Authentic pork knuckles come in four flavors

The haxnbauer German Restaurant and Bar claims to be the city’s expert in cooking pork knuckles. The name derives from colloquial German word for foot, “haxn,” and “bauer,” which means farmer.

The pork knuckles are available in four different flavors. German sausag­es, ribs and a variety of German beers including Premium Pils and Premium Larger are also available.

Executive Chef Mario Tassotti from Austria is in charge of all dishes coming out of the kitchen and both haxnbauer restaurants in Shanghai


One of the city’s oldest German restaurants

Created in 1997, Paulaner Bräuhaus is one of the city’s oldest German res­taurants. It’s known for its authentic food from Bavaria, the rustic southern province where the original Oktober­fest is held each year.

The first outlet on Fenyang Road was so successful that the brand opened three more outlets in Xintian­di, Binjiang Park in the Pudong New Area and near the World Expo 2010 Shanghai site.

Paulaner beers are brewed on-site under the German Law of Purity from 1516 — one of the oldest food preparation rules in the world. Along with beer, Paulaner serves delicious Bavarian, German and some interna­tional dishes. A Filipino band makes sure that guests are entertained every night.

Diners can sit in a Bavarian-style, extensively decorated beer garden.

Specialities include sauerkraut, a variety of German sausages, liver pate, brezels and dumplings. For those with a sweet tooth, deserts are also available, including warm apple strudel, borrowed from Germany’s neighbor Austria.


Northern German seafood, beer and schnapps

Hamburg House Restaurant serves food typical of Germany’s north, which is widely different in taste and ingredients compared to the more popular, meaty dishes of Bavaria.

Like most German restaurants, Hamburg House serves beer imported from Germany, although the menu is short. There’s Weizenbier and differ­ent kinds of Einbecker beer from a brewery dating back to 1378. German schnapps is also served.

Some Chinese and international dishes are served as well as the typical pork knuckle and sauerkraut, but seafood is just as important on a northern German menu. Hamburg is known for its large harbor and its fish market, and Hamburg House serves grilled fish fillet with mashed pota­toes and asparagus, mussels cooked in white wine and beef steak with king prawns. On the first floor, a beer bar accommodates up to 200 people, and karaoke equipment is available for events.

The restaurant also has tables in a French-style rose garden and a kids’ playground, making it an ideal loca­tion for a family weekend brunch.

Another highlight of the place is the rooftop terrace which can accom­modate up to 150 people for buffet dinners or cocktail receptions that overlook the Nanpu Bridge and the Huangpu River.


Original beer from Oktoberfest in Munich

Munich Beer House is known for its authentic German food and original Hofbräu beer straight from Munich, the home of the annual Oktoberfest.

Like in other German restaurants, it takes pride in dishing up succulent pork knuckles that are crunchy on the outside and are served with sides of bread, potato dumplings and a rich dark beer sauce. The mixed sausage platter includes four types of grilled and boiled sausages and comes with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, all whipped up by a Bavarian chef.

Last October, Munich Beer House added non-German dishes to its menu to appeal to a larger number of cus­tomers. Shelled shrimps sautéed with broccoli is one of the new dishes.

In the evening, a live band provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy German beer.


Honoring 700 years of beer brewing tradition

Drei Kronen 1308 offers authentic German atmosphere along with their large selection of top notch beers in Hongkou District.

With over 700 years of history, the Drei Kronen Brewery is known for its freshly brewed beer featuring a subtle and smooth taste. Excellent German-style dishes are served here, most notably a wide selection of sausages. International dishes like pizza are also served here.

Lots of rustic wooden tables and chairs and a round, wooden bar and whimsical decor add to the beer house atmosphere, but the loud German-language Euro-pop is not everybody’s favorite dining music. A live band performs on stage six times a week.

German Country Restaurant.jpg

Roasted pork knuckle is expats’ favorite

The reputation of German Country Restaurant as one of the best spots to enjoy German food is well deserved, so don’t be surprised to find many German expats dining here.

The roasted pork knuckle is a typi­cal German dish served on special occasions as well as for festivals. It’s one of the restaurant’s signature dishes and best enjoyed with bread rolls and pickles.

Naturally, the restaurant has a wide variety of beers, including dark beer that’s well worth trying, as well as home-brewed and imported beers.

The restaurant is located at For­eigner Street, a lane just off Hongmei Road, and is easily recognizable thanks to the German flag. 

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164