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Banyan Tree GM shares travel tips


Q: What do you always do after returning from a trip?

A: I like to unpack and then go to the gym or for a swim.


Q: What do you always search for during a trip?

A: I like to research the best places to visit and to wine-and-dine; getting recommendations for the best local cuisine is important.


Q: What do you always pack?

A: I always pack my sun cream and swimming shorts as I am a keen swimmer.


Q: What is your preferred airline?

A: When flying to the UK, I try to fly British Airways or Virgin as they both offer direct flights. I also fly with Emirates if they have flights to my chosen destination.


Q: Do you have any tips about seating on a flight?

A: I always have a quick look at seatguru.com when flying to make sure I get as much legroom as possible. Being nearly two meters tall some flights are a tight fit!


Q: Best in-flight meal or activity?

A: I like to sit back and enjoy a good movie or listen to music with a glass of wine or Champagne.


Q: How do you get over jet lag?

A: I try to fight jet lag by getting into the local time zone so I can enjoy my destination as much as possible. Although sometimes I can feel incredibly tired by 7pm if I give in and go to sleep I will be wide awake by 3am! I like to get my body back into a normal sleep pattern as quickly as possible.


Q: What are your favorite hotels? What makes these hotels so memorable?

A: There are many hotels that I remember fondly and these are of various brands and star ratings. The one thing they all have in common is fantastic service.


Q: What do you value most when choosing a hotel?

A: Ease of location.


Q: What hotels do you look forward to staying at in the future?

A: I am actually staying at the Upper House in Hong Kong in the near future. I am really looking forward to the stay and exploring Hong Kong.


Q: Can you recommend one of your favorite destinations? Why is it so special?

A: Phuket. With direct flights many times a day from Shanghai, it’s a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Q: What’s one can’t-miss delicacy in Phuket?

A: A cool refreshing fresh coconut from the nearest beach bar.


Q: What do you do upon arriving in Phuket?

A: Unpack and go exploring — no matter what time of day or night.


Q: Where are you planning to go next and why?

A: Hopefully to New York in May for a friend’s 40th birthday.


Q: What’s the strangest request that a guest has made at your hotel?

A: We get many requests from guests which of course we will always try to assist with.

One guest recently requested a fish tank in their room for their stay. They find this therapeutic and it helps them sleep. After a bit of shopping we were able to assist with this — complete with tropical fish!

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