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Fresh sushi, sashimi and more

Shanghai Daily’s international cuisine series continues with close-up look at some of the city’s best Japanese restaurants. From a plethora of choices, we are introducing five eateries that stand out for their mouth-watering dishes. 

Meiji Kyoto

At the intersection of Julu Road and Huashan Road, the newly-opened Meiji Kyoto is a four-story, Kyoto-style villa featuring two sushi bars, 19 private rooms and a 30-square-meter garden. 

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The assorted sashimi features imported salmon, seabream, yellowtail, flatfish, tuna, clam, oyster, live urchin and scallop. The chef, who looks back at more than 10 years of cooking at restaurants in Kyoto, is proud of the ingredient’s freshness. If you like cooked seafood, try grilled king crab or king crab in a hotpot, steamed snow crab, steamed hairy crab or boiled clam. The black cattle sukiyaki for two to four people is also very popular. The junmai (100 percent rice sake), Fukuju Mikagego, is a must-try.


It is owned by Chinese film star Hu Ge. Though not facing the street, it still attracts foodies with its Japanese cooking. Its signature dishes include fried shrimp sushi rolls served with sour cabbage and garnished with caviar, rocket in vinaigrette, and longan with cucumber, sweet shrimp, shiso leaves, cream cheese, and salmon. 


Uo Kura

Housed in the Bund 22, diners can enjoy a spectacular night view, fresh ingredients and a family-style dining environment. Covering an area of 400 square meters, the restaurant has 86 seats and two private rooms. The omakase is one of the highlights and comes at a reasonable price, but the musttry is peony shrimp sashimi. When you finish the dish, the heads of the shrimp can be cooked in a soup. The grilled ox tongue keeps its tender and juicy texture. The goose liver and mashed potato topped with caviar are also tasty. 



Enjoy the fine cuisine that Japan has to offer, with expert chefs serving high-quality sushi, sashimi and yakitori at Kobachi on the 56th floor of Jin Mao Tower. This Japanese restaurant at Grand Hyatt Shanghai also features an extensive sake list and great views of the city of Shanghai. It is the place to dine with friends as you watch the master chef prepare exquisite dishes.



On the third floor of the landmark Yifeng Shopping Center on the Bund, it is gaining popularity with its authentic Japanese cuisine and innovative dishes. Chef Kushida, 48, is in charge of all the dishes coming out of the kitchen. He has about 30 years of experience in Japan. There are private booths, tatami rooms and set lunch deals.


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